SalesboxAI Partners With LeadSift To Accelerate Sales


SalesboxAI, a conversational ABM platform, has partnered with LeadSift, a buyer intent data platform, to make it easy for customers to fuel their AI-powered revenue engine with high-intent opportunities along with their buying committee members.

The strategic partnership enables B2B revenue teams to detect high-intent buying groups for acquisition, retention, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities and engage in account-centric conversations using AI Assistants.

“B2B revenue teams need to detect and manage every opportunity across their waterfall. This integration allows us to reach and engage IT buyers from within active opportunities at scale,” said Alex Roy, founder of SalesboxAI.

“Intent data alone won’t improve your results. It needs the right activation and engagement strategy,” said LeadSift Co-founder and CEO Tukan Das. “The SalesboxAI platform makes it easy for teams to engage every opportunity in research mode with AI Assistants that continuously look for ways to convert pipeline into revenue.”

“Now, teams can double down on the buying committee members that are most engaged and score and prioritise opportunities across the waterfall,” said Alex, “This will allow them to maximise opportunities across every account and accelerate revenue growth.”

Vibe Martech Fest, Jakarta