Opera Unveils Integrated Browser AI: Aria


Opera’s browser AI, Aria, is a result of the company’s collaboration with OpenAI and is a free service with access to real-time information from the web

Opera is unveiling Aria, its new browser AI. With Aria, Opera users are getting access to a leading generative AI service for free. Aria is natively built into the browser and marks the beginning of a new browsing experience for Opera users. The service is a result of Opera’s collaboration with OpenAI.

“AI is rapidly changing how we work, browse the web and naturally, how we think about browsers and the part they can play in users’ online experience,” said Joanna Czajka, Product Director, Opera for PC. “Fittingly, Aria is our first product that named itself.”

Opera’s new browser AI allows users to enhance their creativity and productivity by harnessing the power of AI paired with everything a browser can do. Aria, which is based on Opera’s own “Composer” infrastructure, connects to OpenAI’s GPT technology and is enhanced by additional capabilities such as adding live results from the web. Aria is both a web and a browser expert that allows users to collaborate with AI while looking for information on the web, generating text or code or getting their product queries answered. When it comes to customer support, Aria is knowledgeable about Opera’s entire database of support documentation and can use the company’s current product knowledge to answer users’ questions.

Opera’s Composer infrastructure is also easily expandable. Composer allows Aria to connect to multiple AI models and will, in the future, expand by integrating additional capabilities, such as search services powered by Opera’s key partners. All this innovation will be accessible through a unified and coherent user experience.

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“With Aria, Opera users have a built-in way of tapping into the potential of generative AI today for free,” added Stefan Stjernelund, VP of Product, Opera for Android. This is also only the beginning, with many more capabilities still to come.”

Opera’s browser AI strategy

The implementation of Aria marks the next step in Opera’s strategy to integrate generative AI services in its browsers and is a result of the company’s collaboration with OpenAI. Earlier this year, Opera introduced the first implementation of ChatGPT in the sidebar of its desktop browser, along with the AI Prompts feature. It also unveiled Opera One, a redesigned version of its browser suited to accommodate more generative AI features through its modular design. The company is now taking the next step by introducing a browser AI that will allow users to interact with the web aided by AI directly in the browser. Aria’s current form of a chat interface communicating with the user marks the first stage of the project. The AI-based service is set to become even more integrated into Opera in the coming versions of the browser with the ultimate aim of being natively blended into the browser, helping users perform cross-browser tasks.