Microsoft To Launch Viva Sales With Seismic Partnership 


Viva Sales is partnered with Seismic to streamline sales teams’ meeting and buyer engagement experience.

Microsoft has set the release date for Microsoft Viva Sales to Oct. 3 and partnered with Seismic to streamline sales teams’ meeting and buyer engagement experience.

Viva Sales is the first Microsoft Viva application designed to improve the employee experience for sellers. CRM, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams systems seamlessly combine into sellers’ workflows.

Designed for seller productivity, Viva Sales does the following:

  • Delivers real-time business context from sellers’ CRM systems in Microsoft Outlook and Teams to reduce time spent searching for relevant information;
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration; and
  • Augments sellers’ actions and decisions with artificial intelligence-powered insights to improve customer engagements.

Through the partnership with Seismic, a sales enablement platform provider, joint customers can streamline sales teams’ meeting and buyer engagement experience and improve productivity through preparation, automation, and intelligence in their daily workflows. As the first step in this journey, Seismic Enablement Cloud uses AI-powered insights from Viva Sales to recommend content, training lessons, and a prebuilt digital sales room as post-meeting follow-up actions in Viva Sales.

“We’re excited to partner with Microsoft to reimagine the future of selling with Viva Sales, streamline the fragmented seller workflow, and give salespeople precious time to do what they do best: sell. Now with Seismic’s leading enablement solutions used by some of the largest enterprise companies, sellers can not only show up to a customer meeting better prepared but also be equipped with personalised, automated, and intelligent sales tools to help them delight customers and grow revenue,” said Hayden Stafford, president and chief revenue officer of Seismic, in a statement.