Lytics Predictive Audiences gives marketers the tools to build accurate, powerful lookalike models in minutes

Lytics Predictive Audiences gives marketers the tools to build accurate, powerful lookalike models in minutes

Identify customers at key stages of their lifecycle and deliver personalised experiences in real-time using the right data

Lytics, the insight-first customer data platform (CDP) built for marketing teams, has released Lytics Predictive Audiences, a powerful tool that builds lookalike models that allows marketers to reach out to their customers with timely, personalised experiences delivered at key stages of their lifecycle. 

For the first time ever, marketers without data science expertise can build lookalike models on their own, inside Lytics rather than in a third-party marketing platform like Facebook or Google Ads, so they can reach out to customers and prospects with personalised experiences across all their marketing channels–media buying, email, social media, and website experiences.

Lytics Predictive Audiences combines the right data with Lytics’ powerful artificial intelligence/machine learning engine, enabling marketers to build audiences using an intuitive dashboard that lets them control key variables, see results, understand key customer attributes, and troubleshoot issues.

“With Lytics Predictive Audiences, we’ve given each marketer their own data scientist to help them identify the attributes that define key customer segments–and quickly and easily build lookalike groups they can market to,” Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President of Lytics, explains. 

“In the past, lookalike models required time and hands-on effort from a data science team or were essentially a black box inside of Facebook, or other media buying platform.”

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“Marketers didn’t have the tools to understand, explain, or validate the way the model worked. With Lytics Predictive Audiences, marketers can understand what’s working and why–and more importantly, demonstrate results with increased conversions, subscriptions, and engagement across every channel they run marketing programs.”

Lytics Predictive Audiences gives marketers the tools they need to level the playing field with digital-native businesses in today’s economy. They can:

  • Build lookalike models using Lytics’ powerful AI/ML engine so they can create personalised experiences in all their digital channels, from email, to social media, to their own website CMS.
  • Create, refine, and troubleshoot models on their own, without support from in-house or consulting data scientists, in just five minutes.
  • Have confidence that Lytics Predictive Audiences’ autotuning capabilities will continuously adapt and improve the lookalike segments’ accuracy.

“The technology that powers Lytics Predictive Audiences has always been a part of our AI/ML engine,” Drew Lanenga, Lytics Director of Data Science, recalls. 

“The new Predictive Audiences interface gives our customers greater accessibility to Lytics’ native lookalike tools. Marketing professionals can now create new lookalike models simply by selecting the audiences that represent their desired candidates. Each model is self-improving.”

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“Our ML/AI engine adapts and updates in real time as your customers progress along their journey. Because these models reside in Lytics, they’re portable across the entire marketing technology stack. That means audiences receive consistent messages and experiences whatever they’re doing–reading an email, scrolling through a social media feed, or visiting your website.”

Lytics helps organisations compete in the evolving digital marketing landscape by using the right data and the right data science to deliver better marketing today. Businesses looking to gain customer insights within a week and turn them into results with at-scale marketing personalisation within a month can learn more at

About Lytics

Lytics is the marketer’s choice for customer data platform (CDP) technology that combines “the right data + the right data science” to deliver amazing digital experiences and highly effective 1-to-1 marketing campaigns. The company’s behavioural data-driven approach enables brands to leverage their own data to increase customer engagement by 30% and marketing ROI by 40% using finely targeted campaigns, customised content recommendations and personalised web experiences. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company is led by experienced martech executives (Mozilla, Microsoft, Webtrends, Airship, Tripwire, Puppet and more) and backed by JMI Equity, Comcast Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Voyager Capital, Rembrandt Venture Partners and EPIC Ventures. Their customers include General Mills, Live Nation, Nestle Purina, AEG, Industry Dive and Yamaha.


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