Intapp Partners With Equilar 


Intapp clients can turn their current relationships into new business engines by marrying Equilar’s corporate leadership data.

Intapp, a provider of cloud-based software for the professional and financial services industry, is partnering with Equilar to help investors and advisors expand the reach of their networks using trusted corporate leadership data.

Intapp clients subscribing to Equilar’s database of more than 1.5 million executives and board members through this partnership can now directly access that data within Intapp DealCloud and OnePlace solutions.

Combining Equilar’s corporate contact database with Intapp relationship intelligence capabilities helps investors and advisors do the following:

  • Enrich contact data with automated updates of key executive changes;
  • Maximise contact intelligence with a unified view of executives and board members across target companies;
  • Identify companies with desirable attributes, review active executives and board members at those companies, and evaluate individual profiles, including past roles;
  • Leverage connection paths between firm executives and target accounts; and
  • Access relevant data inside existing workflows and gain multidimensional relationship insights into key clients and deals.

“In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, manual entry and tracking of relationships can become a hindrance to growth,” said Ben Harrison, president of financial services at Intapp, in a statement. “Now, Intapp clients can turn their current relationships into an engine for new business by marrying Equilar’s corporate leadership data with our relationship intelligence solution.”

“We firmly believe that the future belongs to those with the best data,” said David Chun, founder and CEO of Equilar, in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with Intapp to help the professional and financial services industry better leverage the power and reach of executive networks to discover new business and remain competitive in a dynamic business environment.”