Groopview Re-Defines Video Viewing Experience With Launch of Co-Viewing Platform


Groopview, the latest advancement in group-viewing technology, unveiled the first-of-its-kind collaborative social viewing app, for users to discover and enjoy YouTube content through a unique interactive viewing experience. Now, iOS and Android users can host virtual family rooms, get-togethers with friends, family and co-workers all viewing millions of free videos.

Founded by Delmond Newton in 2018, Groopview’s platform serves the needs of a growing number of streaming content providers seeking a competitive advantage and delivers a unique viewer experience.

“Groopview is designed to create a community that offers users a seamless co-viewing virtual streaming platform they can experience, whenever and wherever they want from their mobile device,” said Delmond Newton, CEO and Founder of Groopview. “We’ve always envisioned billions of users “Groopviewing” all over the world, using our product to co-view video content, and therefore, we designed Groopview’s infrastructure to scale globally on public cloud infrastructure. Groopview also capitalises on the capabilities of the 5G network, including greater network speeds, lower latency, increased capacity and provide far more immersive and interesting user experience than what is available today. The growth of streaming content providers, a large catalogue of content, along with the situation created by the pandemic, makes Groopview an ideal platform for bridging the virtual gap that exists today.”

The advanced synchronisation technology is built to synchronise the delivery of video frames to each user’s device, no matter what network they are on. The patent for this technology is pending.

Groopview is available in two variants. (1) Standalone mobile app and  (2) an SDK that integrates seamlessly with pre-existing video streaming apps. Both Groopview Apps, turn the play button into a playground by enabling users to video stream, video chat, audio chat, group text and respond through emojis simultaneously and fully synchronised, regardless of the location, device and network. To start with, the standalone platform gives consumers the power to engage in their favourite YouTube content in a virtual co-viewing environment. Additionally, content providers can also host their content as a channel on Groopview so that users can have a diversity of content to choose from, and this provides the content provider with yet another distribution mechanism.

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The platform is designed with the future in mind, focusing on how it will perform in a 5G/Edge environment. Groopview partnered with AWS as its cloud partner not only to scale massively but also as a technical partner, exploring ways 5G and Edge Computing can come together to enhance user experience (UX). Since simultaneously watching video streaming and video chatting requires a high-speed network, 5G and Edge computing complements the service thus allowing Groopview to deliver high-quality user experiences no matter where customers are located. 

“To do this in real-time, Groopview uses AWS Wavelength at a telco’s 5G network edge to accelerate content delivery over fast 5G network connectivity,” added Newton.

The Groopview App automatically synchronises between different types of devices and adjusts bitrates for customers with connections on lower-bandwidth networks.