BOSCO Connect Enables Infinite ‘What-if’ Simulations


BOSCO Connect announced the launch of a disruptive new platform that provides online retailers with a single-view dashboard that streamlines the planning of online marketing spend in one place, enabling best-spend predictive forecasts to be created by combining market analytics with the marketer’s own internal data.

This platform ensures that users secure the maximum ROI for marketing spend, along with optimal targeting. This is good news for users, but extremely bad news for poorly performing media. The platform is based on extensive algorithmic modelling conducted by the sector’s leading data science team.

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With easy to interpret board reports, BOSCO Connect enables infinite ‘what-if’ simulations to be reviewed. This ensures that retailers and or their digital agencies have far greater confidence in the decisions made when planning and forecasting new campaigns. It also enables easy comparison with competitors through the creation of league tables.

Commenting on the launch, John Readman, CEO and founder of Modo25 noted, “In the past online advertising was a sea of pain points – with too many disparate contradictory sources of data. Online retailers needed a toolset that eliminates both the complexity of online media and the confusion caused by competition between the different options. If you need to create a unified dashboard that combines all the data required to predict future online performance, then BOSCO™ Connect does just that.

“For anyone looking to get the most from their budget, BOSCO Connect is a serious game-changer. It ends the high-risk, rule-of-thumb mentality that dogged early digital marketing and cost retailers so dearly. For the first time, decisions are data-driven, as retailers, marketers and their agencies can use this single metric to evaluate alternatives and compare their performance against the market.”