Unlocked: Mobile & App Growth Summit

Unlocked: Mobile & App Growth Summit

25th July 2024 | Singapore

With a tech-savvy population and robust infrastructure, Singapore stands at the forefront of the global digital revolution. It presents a prime market for mobile app developers and marketers. As of 2024, mobile marketing in Singapore is a pivotal component of brand strategies as they seek to engage with consumers through a mobile-first approach, personalised experiences, innovative technologies, and a commitment to data privacy and compliance.

Martechvibe, a global media publication that captures the inner workings of leading brands and how they use technology to drive growth, is proud to present the Mobile & App Growth summit – an exclusive conference for mobile marketers, growth, product and monetisation leaders to grow their skills and their brands. 

The summit serves as a beacon for industry leaders, marketing professionals, and tech enthusiasts to converge and explore the latest trends, insights, and strategies in mobile app marketing. Learn from leading mobile marketers about trends and tech that will change the game in 2024 and beyond. Over 150+ app professionals & practitioners will join this one-day event to witness power-packed conference sessions delivered by mobile and app experts and participate in engaging activities.

What’s in store for Mobile App Marketer’s in Singapore for 2024?

  • Staying ahead of the technological curve
  • Compatibility with current and future OS
  • Security – Non negotiable
  • User data protection
  • Embracing mobile-first mindset 
  • Digital wellness
  • Collaboration and integration 


Dipti Khalate Head of Growth APAC
Zalora Group
Jaslyin Qiyu Founder
Mad About Marketing Consulting
Snigdha Nanda Director Digital & Social Media Marketing
Sudarshan Bala Regional Marketing Director
Carousell Group


10:05 AM
Opening Dialogue – Zero to Hero: Transforming Your Mobile Experience

10:30 AM
Keynote: Going Beyond Downloads - Formulating Habit-Forming Apps

What makes an app sticky? In a world inundated with apps, how do you ensure that users not only download your app but keep coming back for more?

  • Creating an addicting effect to draw users to your app constantly 
  • Nurturing the long-term app relation and fostering loyalty 
  • Exploring strategies that transform your app and deliver great revenue
10:55 AM
CMO Panel Discussion: Talk About A Game Changer: Unvieling Winning Campaigns

Singapore is home to thousands of businesses, but do they all stand out? The Singaporean population are avid shoppers making the job of mobile marketing profession both easy and hard. Staying relevant and planning the right campaigns and strategies is highly important for brands to stay relevant and garner success.

  • Understanding the complex landscape of mobile marketing with proven ideas
  • Deep diving in to UA, engagement and monetisation with real time examples 
  • Blueprint to creating the right framework for winning 
  • Influencing with a difference
11:35 AM
Fireside Chat: Mastering IOS App Campaigns: Navigating Success with SKADNetwork

SKAd Network 4.0 allows more data to be shared by marketers and guarantees user privacy. Brands need to master their iOS campaigns with the right metrics going forward. How to measure the success of advertisements by attributing app installations to specific ad campaigns?

  • Toolkit to navigate evolving iOS landscape
  • Real case studies on acing the marketing campaigns
  • From thought to execution on elevating your campaign
11:50 AM
The Next Wave Of App Store Optimisation

Dealing with the nitty-gritty of ASO and its increasing role in app visibility and downloads, right ASO is the ideal pathway to more visibility, engagement, quality user acquisition and retention. 

  • Dive deep into cutting-edge strategies of right ASO
  • AI-driven optimisation and how to use its full potential
  • Why staying ahead of the curve is important now than ever 
12:15 PM
Ready or Not: The Cookieless Future is Coming

A latest Adobe report states that 86% of brands are ready for the cookieless future. However few brands are still clinging on to cookie-based targeting. How can marketers adapt to the changing landscape and prioritise first and second party data?

  • How to start small and simplify
  • Learn & optimise
  • How to expand your first party data
  • Encourage CDP usage
12:40 PM
End-to-End Ad Fraud Management Handbook

With newer ad fraud emerging and increased fraud forces, marketers and security experts  need to be battle ready.  Success requires adoption of best practices to become more resilient, provide better customer experience, and deliver lower risk and sustainable returns to shareholders. 

  • Set up a robust fraud investigation strategy 
  • Strengthen the weakness in digital systems 
  • Affiliate fraud, detect and secure your business
01:00 PM
Networking Lunch
02:05 PM
Keynote: The Power of Click-to-Subscribe

It’s high time for brands to level up their app subscription marketing game.

Ask the right questions: How do you monetise your app by implementing paid subscription? How do you manage your app subscription plan after you have implemented it? 

What are the dos and don’ts of mobile app

  • Using analytics to maximise monetisation and retention
  • Understanding how to effective monetise app with paid model 
  • How to manage subscription post implementation
02:30 PM
Tech Talk: Advertising Best Practices: The Smart Advertiser’s Guide

In an era where attention is a scarce commodity, mastering Ads is not just a choice but a necessity for marketers looking to thrive in the competitive digital marketplace. Marketers must equip themselves with tools, strategies, and expertise they need to unlock the full potential of advertising and achieve unparalleled success in their marketing endeavours.

02:55 PM
Fireside Chat: A Privacy-first Era: The Challenge of Personalisation In a Post Tracking World

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. This session talks about the harsh truth of marketers and their journey to success in a privacy-first future. With the launch of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) & Android’s privacy sandbox marketer’s need to reiterate their strategies. How are marketers preparing for the disruption?

  • Unravelling the hard truths and challenges of privacy first era
  • Strategy adapting and aligning with the privacy-centric change
  • Redefining the approach to personalisation
03:15 PM
Deep Linking Unveiled: Data Signals to Create Perfectly-timed Marketing Moments

Deep linking has emerged as a strategic tool to connect users directly to specific content within apps. Delve into the latest advancements, best practices, and innovative use cases surrounding deep linking. Gain actionable insights to enhance app strategies.

  • Uncover the fundamentals of deep linking and its role in enhancing user engagement.
  • Discuss strategies for running targeted campaigns using deep links.
  • Understand the benefits of deferred deep linking in user re-engagement
03:35 PM
Reactivating Idle Users - Identify, Understand & Re-engage

In the process of acquiring new users, marketers tend to forget the existing users that are idle. This panel discussion is an eye opener for app marketers to focus on churn by identifying consumers and know exactly where they drop off and how personalisation towards them will help activate idle users.  

  • Identifying churn patterns and analysing drop off points
  • Explore case studies highlighting successful personalisation initiatives.
  • Discuss the role of targeted messaging in bringing idle users back into the fold
03:55 PM
Fireside chat: Immersive: The descriptor-de-jour in Modern Marketing

Get into the ins and outs of how storytelling, world-building and new technologies combine to create new opportunities. Discover the host of new challenges for creators and makers.

04:15 PM
Gamification For Engagement - A Fancy Trope or a Game-changer?

Is gamification merely a fancy trope, or does it hold the potential to be a true game-changer? Let’s explore gamification in the quest for user engagement. 

  • Dissecting impact of gamification on user behaviour and interaction
  • Understanding major pitfalls for the future and strategies that have worked in the past 
  • Debate on superficial vs strategic tool
04:35 PM
Video Reigns Supreme: Maximise Your Impact in the Visual Age

Mobile Video Dominance: Video consumption on mobile devices is on the rise, and mobile video advertising is expected to continue its growth trajectory. Advertisers will focus on creating engaging and high-quality video content that captures the attention of mobile users. Interactive video ads, 360-degree videos, and immersive storytelling techniques will play a significant role in capturing audience interest.

04:50 PM
Closing Remarks
05:00 PM
Cocktail Reception




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