Martech Mandate, The Rise of Super-apps - BFSI Edition [Webinar]

The Rise of Super-apps - BFSI Edition [Webinar]

18 July 2023, ( 11:00 AM GST )

About Martech Mandate

The age of the super-app is upon us! But what does this mean for the BFSI industry? The disruptive presence of super-apps can act as a catalyst for innovation and digital transformation within the BFSI industry.

In this episode, Martechvibe is assembling experts in the field to answer some of the big questions; Why is every brand chasing the label of a super-app? Is there an industry definition for a super-app? How does it offer a marketing advantage? The challenge continues to be a cross-functional alignment of product, marketing, data and customer-facing teams to work in tandem to deliver on the brand promise.

Past speakers

Manal Meshal Head of Marketing - Ahli United Bank
Reedev Taneja Senior Director - Data Analytics and Martech - TBWA Singapore
Timo Dreger COO & Managing Director at Dr. Walter Insurance
Yolande D’Mello Editor - Martechvibe


11:00 AM
Welcome Note by the Editor of Martechvibe
11:05 AM
11:10 AM
Discussion on the Topic
11:55 AM
Q&A Session
12:00 PM
End of Discussion

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