Martech Huddle - Leveraging Data and Martech for Tailored Customer Experiences

Martech Huddle

Martechvibe & Branch | Leveraging Data and Martech for Tailored Customer Experiences | 6 June, 2024 | Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah | Dubai

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Leveraging Data and Martech for Tailored Customer Experiences


What is a C-suite Breakfast Brief?

It is an initiative by Martechvibe in association with Branch. 

Martech Huddle is specially designed to engage customer-experience and digital marketing leaders who have revolutionised brands by using technology as a catalyst. It focuses on a group of carefully selected industry stalwarts, bringing them together to participate in an exclusive closed-door session. The selected professionals bring a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and domain expertise, but they all share the vision of transforming businesses by enhancing the customer experience while utilising technology and new digital methods. The huddle encourages open discussions among peers resulting in a better strategy roadmap for organisations. In the age of building peer-exchange resources, these gatherings form a community of like-minded business leaders working to explore insights, ideas and best practices.

About this Edition

Understanding customers on a deeper level is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity for sustained success. It’s high time that business leaders unravel the intricate fusion of art and science in crafting personalised customer experiences through the strategic utilisation of data and marketing technology.

Data lies at the heart of understanding customer behaviours, preferences, and pain points. It’s imperative to explore the significance of gathering and analysing customer data from various sources and tailoring experiences that resonate profoundly.

Navigating the vast landscape of marketing technology can be daunting, but it’s pivotal in translating that data into action. From Mobile Linking Platforms to Customer Data Platforms, marketers need to dissect the functionalities of key martech tools and platforms, understanding how they empower them to activate customer data effectively and create personalised experiences. Yet, amidst the pursuit of personalization, we mustn’t neglect the critical importance of privacy and compliance and lean into strategies to safeguard data.

Looking ahead, let’s peer into the future of data-driven marketing and martech. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics are poised to revolutionise how we understand and engage with our customers. By staying ahead of these emerging trends, we can continue to push the boundaries of personalised experiences.


08:15 AM
Registration & Networking

08:30 AM
Welcome Address by Martechvibe
08:35 AM
Opening Remarks by Branch
08:40 AM
Discussion Starts
09:10 AM
Final Remarks


Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah


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