Martech Huddle - Understanding Customers with First Party Data

Martech Huddle

Martechvibe & Epsilon | Understanding Customers with First Party Data | 6 June, 2024 | Singapore

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Understanding Customers with First Party Data


What is a Martech Huddle?

It is an exclusive initiative by Martechvibe in association with Epsilon.

Martech Huddle is specially designed to engage customer-experience and digital marketing leaders who have revolutionised brands by using technology as a catalyst. It focuses on a group of carefully selected industry stalwarts, bringing them together to participate in an exclusive closed-door session. The selected professionals bring a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and domain expertise, but they all share the vision of transforming businesses by enhancing the customer experience while utilising technology and new digital methods. The huddle encourages open discussions among peers resulting in a better strategy roadmap for organisations. In the age of building peer-exchange resources, these gatherings form a community of like-minded business leaders working to explore insights, ideas and best practices.

About this Edition

There is positivity brewing about first party data being the key driver for marketing actions. But this also means people and processes have to realign to the new requirements. 

In response to the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, businesses are actively engaged in evaluating marketing opportunities and devising innovative growth strategies to navigate this significant shift in the digital landscape. This involves a comprehensive examination of various avenues for customer engagement and acquisition, including alternative data sources, first-party data utilisation, and emerging technologies.

One approach involves exploring alternative data sources to fill the gap left by third-party cookies. This may include leveraging contextual data, such as content consumption patterns or website interactions, to better understand and target audiences. By analysing contextual signals, businesses can gain insights into user intent and preferences without relying on third-party tracking mechanisms, thereby enabling more personalised and relevant marketing efforts.

Moreover, embracing an agile mindset is crucial for staying competitive and effective. This involves being nimble and responsive to constant changes, whether they be in consumer preferences, technology advancements, or market trends. By adopting agile methodologies, businesses can iterate quickly, test hypotheses, and adapt strategies in real-time to meet evolving customer needs and expectations. This flexibility not only helps organisations stay ahead of the curve but also enables them to move the needle on revenue goals by seizing opportunities and optimising performance more efficiently.

By understanding customer touchpoints at various stages of the buyer journey, businesses can unlock the potential for delivering impactful personalised experiences. Marketers must leverage data insights to tailor messaging and offerings to individual preferences and behaviours, thereby fostering stronger connections and driving conversions.

There is a global shift in the philosophy underlying data privacy laws from a “harms-prevention-based” to a “rights-based” approach. Marketers are resorting to leverage first party data, which besides respecting customer privacy, offers efficient insights into smart marketing strategies.


05:30 PM
Welcome & Networking

06:20 PM
Welcome Address by Martechvibe
06:25 PM
Opening Remarks by Epsilon
06:30 PM
Discussion starts
07:20 PM
Outlook of the Leaders and Session Highlights
07:30 PM
End of discussion followed by Dinner




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