Vibe Martech Fest Will Decipher These Five Marketing Roadblocks

Martechvibe presents five challenges in the CX and marketing technology landscape that industry experts at Vibe Martech Fest will help solve.

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  • Quality service at a fair price is no longer the definition of customer expectation. Today’s customer wants immediate gratification and services catering to their personal choices through their preferred communication channels while respecting their privacy. The present-day marketer often finds himself lost in trying to achieve it all.

    Martechvibe presents an incredible line-up of speakers, all experts in their respective domains, to guide marketers and CX professionals with these challenges. At the Vibe Martech Fest in Saudi Arabia, these industry titans will address the pressing challenges of the martech landscape and offer innovative solutions to put marketing ideas to action. 

    We present five roadblocks that the Vibe Martech Fest aims to solve.

    Roadblock #1

    The present-day world is representative of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, something industry experts have coined as a VUCA world. In this environment, where there are multiple variables a business must keep up with, marketers struggle to manage their goals. Market conditions continue to evolve, with customers fast changing their expectations. It can be a challenge to keep your customers satisfied through the waves of change coming in from economic and social factors.

    VMF Session: Discovering Your Customer Persona by Hossam Swailam, Marketing Director at Schneider Electric

    With customer challenges becoming more complicated than before, Swailam suggests the way to thrive in turbulent times together is by having a deep understanding of your target segment and customer persona. Having the right customer persona not only helps build rapport with potential customers but also aids in understanding them better and identifying their key traits. Once marketers start the process of building their customer personas, it gives them an insight into what their ideal customer looks like, reflecting on other factors that they might not have identified before. In this session, Swailam will delve into the process for crafting the right customer persona for your business and leveraging it for growth amidst an uncertain future.

    Roadblock #2

    Marketers are surrounded by a data deluge, and the vast amounts of information can be overwhelming. While data is the most crucial need of marketing, making sense of it to gather the right insights is a tedious process. It also falls upon marketers to justify their ROI on the acquired data, which they struggle with if they can’t link outcomes with insights. 

    VMF Session: Machine Learning Meets Marketing

    With panellists Fatmah Baothman, Founder & Board President, Associate Professor, AI Society, King Abdulaziz University; Mohammad Tannous, Regional Manager, Clevertap; Mohamad Alaa Hussien, Marketing Director, eXtra; Driss Moutawakil, Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications, Petromin Corporation

    From providing customer support 24*7 to ensuring that your inventory never runs out, machine learning is proving to have numerous benefits for marketing. The panellists in this discussion will shed light on how data scientists and marketers can work towards common business goals, overcoming challenges, using the same nomenclature, and using data to drive decision-making. Data science can help marketers identify patterns that are otherwise tough to locate, make informed decisions based on these patterns, and predict future trends. 

    Roadblock #3

    With GenZ being the majority of every brand’s customer base, marketers are focusing on how to serve the digital-first customer best. Simply being available on multiple online platforms isn’t making the cut. The digital-first customer demands more than that — innovation in the way they are approached by the brands. For example, GenZ customers want personalisation offered to them beyond just customised emails.

    VMF Session: Transforming of Marketing in the Artificial Intelligence Era by Dr Sobhi Suleiman Agha, Group Chief Marketing Officer, SAB Investment

    Agha says brands need to go one step further in offering tailor-made products that suit the customer’s mood, and the way to do that is by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). He suggests using chatbots for digital awareness and robots in stores for interactive behaviours. In his talk, Agha will discuss how brands can use AI-powered technology and gadgets to let customers get what they want with custom-made designs and products. 

    Roadblock #4

    Despite all the data, tools and brains we have at our disposal today, we’re living in an age where mediocrity in advertising has become the norm. In Vishal Badiani’s words, creativity is stuck in the middle lane. Imagination is tempered in favour of logic, and common sense trumps ingenuity.

    VMF Session: Powered by Imagination: Introducing AX by Vishal Badiani, General Manager, Atomic Digital Design

    Badiani offers an antidote to the issue of lacking inspiration. Augmented Experience (AX) allows you to add depth and dimension to every single interaction people have with your brand: making it more memorable, worthwhile and impactful. In his session, he will taalk about how AX brings big ideas to life in ways never seen before, ways which excite people and get them talking and sharing, and in so doing, building high-value audiences who choose to engage with you.

    Roadblock #5

    Marketers have long wondered how to best utilise vast arrays of data in a way that helps them connect with their customers. While strategies like personalisation are the bare minimum that marketers offer, customers are not impressed. The most crucial aspect of a relationship between a brand and its customers is building a connection that reflects meaning. Clearly, there is more that can be done.

    VMF Session: Humanising Data: The Power of Personal Stories in Data Storytelling by Mohammed Al-Maridi, Group Sr. Marketing Director, Saudi Manpower Solutions Co. (SMASCO), and Mohamad Rabih Itani, Partner ‑ Residential Sales and Marketing Projects, Knight Frank

    The ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level is necessary in order to create impactful narratives. The speakers on this fireside chat believe that one of the most powerful approaches to achieving this is by incorporating personal stories and anecdotes into data presentations. In this session, Al-Maridi and Itani will explore the art of humanising data, demonstrating how personal stories can make data relatable, memorable, and resonate with audiences. 

    Catch these and other exciting sessions at Vibe Martech Fest, Saudi Arabia, at Crowne Plaza Riyadh Al Waha, Saudi Arabia, on 8 November 2023. For more information, visit Vibe Martech Fest, Saudi Arabia.


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