How are Social Media Marketers in Singapore Pivoting to Engage Customers?

Around 59% of the marketers in Singapore revealed that they use generative AI tools to develop more relatable, better-performing content, HubSpot unveiled.

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  • With over 85% active social media users in Singapore, marketers have evolved in their innovative approaches over a few years. Social commerce continues to dominate consumer behaviour, transforming social media into a primary retail channel. As social media marketers navigate this shift, building an active online community, creating authentic short-form videos and integrating AI will become prominent. 

    Recently, the research team of HubSpot conducted a survey where they gathered responses from 1500 global social media marketers. Around 59% of the marketers in Singapore revealed that they use generative AI tools to develop more relatable, better-performing content. Here are a few key takeaways from the survey. 

    How is social commerce becoming a preferred retail channel for Singapore consumers?

    According to the survey conducted by HubSpot, 93% of social media marketers across Singapore predicted that local brands would adopt social commerce strategies in response to the shift in consumer preferences. And approximately 73% of them perceive Instagram’s social shopping features to offer the highest Return on Investment (ROI), followed by Facebook (71%) and YouTube (71%). 

    Emphasising the importance of direct product purchasing from brand through social media platforms, Kat Warboys, Marketing Director for Asia Pacific, HubSpot said, “85% of Singapore’s population is estimated to be social media users making it home to some of Southeast Asia’s most avid users. “

    “They also have a propensity to use these platforms for brand discovery and research, making social media a key retail channel that marketers cannot ignore. B2B brands in particular need to adapt their approach to match the B2C experience that customers today have come to expect. Moving ahead, we are likely to see B2B brands moving away from factually accurate but often over engineered or very generic material in favour of relatable, authentic and engaging content on social media to win audience attention and influence purchasing decisions.” 

    Online Community Building is a Way to Win Customer Loyalty

    With active online community gaining popularity among social media users globally, brands and their marketing team foresee it as an opportunity to engage consumers. Around 89% of the social media marketers across Singapore believes that building an active online community is a vital component for winning customer loyalty. 

    Enlisted below are a few benefits of building a social media community: 

    • Incentivises user-generated content 
    • Improves customer experience
    • Attracts  more followers or subscribers 

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    Authentic Social Commerce Approach Influences Purchase Decisions

    In this ever-changing digital world where consumer preferences are unpredictable, over 60% marketers in Singapore believe that authentic, relatable and educational content are likely to drive better ROI. 

    Adding to the importance of authentic content, Warboys, said, “Authenticity plays a vital role in social commerce, influencing purchase decisions and perceptions of a product. Brands should embrace a shift towards less-edited content and explore collaborations with creators which tend to be perceived as more genuine and relatable by viewers. This creates an opportunity for brands to deepen connections with customers by boosting trust and credibility, especially on platforms such as TikTok built around fast growing formats such as short-form video.” 

    Generative AI alleviates resourcing constraints

    With Singapore’s social media marketers are leveraging AI for various purposes, 91% of find it essential for creating a result-driven social media strategy. Around 61% of them believe that content created with AI performs better. For instance, they leverage GenAI tools to repurpose content to meet the needs of different audiences (35%), write copy for social media content (31%), and get  ideas or inspiration (30%). 

    Highlighting the importance of Generative AI tools in creating effective social media strategies, Warboys, added, “Marketers that are constantly challenged by the density of social media content needs can leverage generative AI to alleviate resourcing constraints. Generative AI tools can provide teams with data-driven suggestions for better content ideation, and also help to develop or repurpose content for different audience groups. 

    “This approach enables marketers to effectively engage a wide range of customer segments at speed and scale. Automating these time intensive tasks ultimately empowers human teams to dedicate their attention towards augmenting AI-developed content with a level of creative input that is difficult for machines to replicate. Singapore’s continued commitment towards AI in its latest budget will also prove timely, creating a foundation to spur local AI adoption that marketers can also tap on to enhance their competitiveness,” he concluded. 

    Wrapping it up,

    In a whirlwind of social commerce dominance, Singapore’s marketers are riding the wave with innovative approaches. They are building active communities, creating authentic content which resonates with their existing and target audiences, further driving better ROI. Besides that, they are leveraging the capabilities of GenAI-powered tools to streamline their content creation journey. 


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