In Conversation with Subhash Dawda, Head Marketing, RazorpayX

Runtime 6 minute


It’s an exciting time for India – a price-sensitive, mobile-first market that is more than comfortable with digital payments. The first in a series that explores the future of mobile and app marketing in South East Asia…

Success is defined by end conversions, and revenue is king, says Subhash Dawda, Head Marketing, RazorpayX. He firmly believes that if marketing isn’t driving revenue, then it isn’t fulfilling its purpose. 

In our exclusive video series In Conversation, we spoke to Subhash Dawda, Head Marketing, RazorpayX about the mobile growth trends driving India.


  1. Communicating about why you’re asking questions to customers and how this offers value to them is important when building good friction. 
  2. Only a small percentage of your TAM could be actively making purchasing decisions at any given time. The challenge is to identify these potential customers by leveraging signals from various touchpoints that indicate stronger buying intent.
  3. In India, the population skipped the PC generation and jumped straight to smartphones. 

Watch Subhash’s full interview here to understand the burgeoning mobile growth landscape in India and why exponential growth is inevitable.


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