Cisco Live Global 2021: Gluware Introduces Intelligent Network Automation for Cisco SD-WAN and Cisco Meraki 

Cisco Live Global 2021_ Gluware Introduces Intelligent Network Automation for Cisco SD-WAN and Cisco Meraki

Gluware, Inc. will showcase the newest capabilities available in its Gluware intent-based network automation platform at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Cisco Live Global 2021. New features include the ability to safely and securely automate complex deployments including public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Cisco SD-WAN, and Cisco Meraki. These unique capabilities allow organisations to automate both traditional and modern API-based networks using network controllers and/or public clouds. With these latest updates, organisations can use Gluware code-free software to automate networks quickly and effectively without dramatic changes to IT skill sets or significant time and resource investment to build network automation infrastructure.

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Public cloud adoption has accelerated during the global health crisis. With IT spending on cloud services estimated to grow 18.4 per cent in 2021, according to Gartner, enterprises migrating to the cloud often face challenges implementing standardised network configurations and ensuring that cloud configurations are secure and compliant when connected to corporate networks. This makes it difficult for network operations teams to manage networks as they extend into the cloud. With a focus on delivering these capabilities for users in Cisco and other environments, Gluware developed these latest capabilities to unify networks and the cloud, reduce time-consuming network management, and enhance network security.

“As more enterprises move to the public cloud, they find that legacy processes and tooling for network management becomes insufficient and unsafe. This leads to escalating costs, decreasing performance and increasing security vulnerabilities that could be easily solved by the right automation capabilities,” said Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder of Gluware. “We’re releasing the new capabilities in Gluware 4.0 at Tech Field Day at Cisco Live to extend the value of intelligent network automation from Gluware to the wider Cisco user community, offering a single unified automation layer for Cisco technologies in multi-vendor environments and public clouds that ensures network teams can mitigate the growing complexity of modern IT.”