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Martechvibe looks at some customer experience (CX) podcasts that have been helping leaders strengthen their brand-customer relationship

Business growth and customer experience (CX) have become synonymous today, wouldn’t you agree? The year 2022 is all about value-driven CX, and companies are continuously eyeing new technologies that can boost their customer strategies and business decisions.

Meanwhile, podcasts have become a popular medium not only for marketing but also for CX awareness – a forum to understand the use cases of the latest trends and technology in the industry. Here are our top podcast picks.

Amazing Business Radio

Host: Shep Hyken
First Aired: 2016 (estimated)
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 5 

One of its latest episodes features Adrian Brady-Cesana, author of The Four CX Pillars to Grow Your Business Now: The Customer Experience Manager Playbook. Brady-Cesana shares what every customer experience manager needs to have in their playbook, the four CX pillars for business growth: team, tools, process, and feedback.

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Customer service expert Shep Hyken interviews leading business professionals and other CX, who shares tips and insights on succeeding in business. Amazing Business Radio has had several high profile guests, including Eng Tan, author of Experience is Everything and CEO of Simplr; Fred Reichheld, creator of the Net Promoter system of management; and Rick DeLisi, Dan Michaeli, authors of Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for An On-Screen World.

Crack The Customer Code

Host: Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters
First Aired: 2014
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 5

One of its latest episodes features Markanges Simar, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Walgreens. She talks about collaborating with stakeholders and leading a team with an explicit purpose of solving customer problems and helping them achieve their goals. 

Hosted by global CX experts, Crack The Customer Code the podcast, with 473 episodes to date, is dedicated to helping business owners and customer-facing professionals to enhance their business strategies for greater CX. Talking about loyalty, AI in CX, CXM, and design impact, some of its podcast guests include Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer, The Experience Maker; Alison Lichtenstein, Head of Customer Experience Design, Dow Jones; and Riaz Raihan, President, Alida.

Customer Experience Superheroes

Host: Christopher Brooks
First Aired: 2019
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: –

One of its latest episodes features Jon Picoult, Author and Founder of Watermark Consulting. Picoult has been at the forefront of proving the ROI case on CX for the past decade. He shares his stories from his travels, focusing on evolving impressive CX to an obsessive culture driven by excellent customer experiences. 

Customer Experience Superheroes emphasises people, brands and experiences which are superhero-like in their status. Through its eight series, host Christopher Brooks has had several guests discussing insights, ideas and inspirations on employee engagement, customer journey mapping, customer care and more. Its past guests include CX leaders Ian Scott, Gregorio Uglioni, and Jeannie Walters.

Human Duct Tape Show

Host: Jeanne Bliss
First Aired: 2016
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.6 

One of its latest episodes features Andy Schulkind, the VP of CX at Domino North America, and Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations. They discuss placing a high value on developing a trained, supported, and efficient internal workforce, which is a strong foundation for delivering an excellent customer experience.

Jeanne Bliss, author of Chief Customer Officer 2.0, explores leadership practices of C suite CX executives from global companies such as Airbnb, Walgreens, Audi, Premera, The Smithsonian Institute, and Adobe. Human Duct Tape Show focuses on debunking the role of a CX leader and how a Chief Customer Officer is often the human duct tape of the organisation, which means they unite the company for customer-driven growth.

Inspiring Women in CX

Host: Clare Muscutt
First Aired: 2020
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: –

One of its latest episodes features Jennie Lewis, Strategic Services Lead, Airship, who talks about navigating the CX tech space as a woman, finding her niche, understanding not only the technology but the customer perspective too, and dealing with dismissal by finding her voice and ‘partnering up’.

Women in CX first began as a community, founded by Clare Muscutt, who was recognised as CX Magazine’s UK Top Female Influencer. To connect with more women in the field, she founded WiCX, where an exchange of conversations and calls channelled into a podcast, Inspiring Women in CX. Some of its guests include Adi Tobias, Head of Customer Experience Strategy & Operations at Uber, The CX Queen of Nigeria Debbie Akwara; and Jo van Riemsdijk, founder, CX Talent.

Navigating The Customer Experience

Host: Yanique Grant
First Aired: 2016
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 5 

One of its latest episodes features Jeff Rosenblum who is a co-founder of Questus, a digital advertising agency that has worked with many of the world’s most influential brands, including American Express, Apple, Capital One, Disney, The NFL, Samsung, Starbucks, Universal, Wyndham and Verizon. He talks about company culture, transparency, digital tools and more.

Navigating The Customer Experience features global entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to better understand customers and navigate CX. It talks about psychology, technology, leadership, customer service charters, strategies, development, complaint management, and service recovery. Some of its past guests include Steven Van Belleghem, co-founder, Nexxworks; Nathan Foy, CEO, Fortis; and Shep Hyken, CAO, Shepard Presentations.

The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders

Host: Kristina Evey
First Aired: 2018
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 5

One of its latest episodes features Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer, ClearAction Continuum. She talks about specific tactics and ways to encourage involvement and cross-departmental collaboration in CX specifically targeted to non-customer facing staff.

A weekly podcast, The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders focuses on strategies, techniques, tips, and mindsets necessary to implement a successful CX initiative. Each episode presents relevant and actionable advice to unite brand leaders and the employees to drive organic business growth. Some of its past guests include CX experts Jeff Toister, Shaun Belding, and Annette Franz.

The CX Leader Podcast

Host: Steve Walker
First Aired: 2018
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.9

One of the latest episodes features Sonya McAllister, Senior Vice President, Walker Information and Sean Clayton, Executive Director, Mindshare. They discuss how customer experience has evolved in the last five years. They talk about businesses’ views and acceptance of CX and what customer experience will look like in 2022.

Host Steve Walker provides insights for customer experience (CX) and experience management (XM) leaders to improve their business results by unlocking the potential of their customer experience helping their customers and prospects want to do more business with them. The CX Leader Podcast’s past guests include Steve Bederman from NobleBiz, CX expert Jeannie Walters, and hospitality leader Christine Trippi.

The Intuitive Customer

Host: Colin Shaw, Ryan Hamilton
First Aired: 2018
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.6

One of its latest episodes features Dobrian Dobrev, a User Experience designer, to discuss how the metaverse will change things in brand marketing. Dobrev also talks about how Coca-Cola uses immersive technologies in their customer strategy to great success.

Hosted by the CX influencer Colin Shaw and Professor Ryan Hamilton, The Intuitive Customer covers CX through customer behaviour lessons. Discussing how CX can increase business growth, the podcast has featured several guests, including Hussein Dajani, Digital and CX Transformation, Nissan; CX critic Alex Mead; and Stacy Sherman, Head of CX, Schindler Elevator Corporation.

The Modern Customer Podcast

Host: Blake Morgan
First Aired: 2015
Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.9 

One of its latest episodes features Alicia Waters, CMO, Crate & Barrel who discusses the changing customer trends and demands on top of global supply chain disruption and a pandemic. Retailers have had to pivot over the last few years continually. One of the best ways to survive the changes is with a mobile, social and digital-first strategy.

The Modern Customer Podcast goes behind the scenes with CX expert Blake Morgan to explore the strategies of the world’s most customer-centric companies. The show has featured several leaders, including Scott Finlow, CMO, PepsiCo; Julie Bowerman, Chief Global Digital Customer and Consumer Experience Officer of Kellogg’s; and Kate Johnson, President, Microsoft US.

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