Criteo Announces Partnership with Custora, Named in Forrester Report

Criteo Announces Partnership with Custora, Named in Forrester Report

Criteo, the advertising platform for the open internet, has announced its strategic partnership with Custora – a customer intelligence platform that uses machine learning to power personalised marketing, as part of Custora’s Global Audience Partner Program.

Companies including Tommy Hilfiger, Tiffany & Co., and Bonobos use Custora’s customer intelligence platform.

The partnership will leverage Custora’s leading platform to acquire and retain customers with Criteo’s world-class capabilities to deliver real-time, personalised dynamic ads.

“We are thrilled to partner with Criteo and integrate Custora’s advanced audience segmentation and personalisation capabilities,” said Corey Pierson, CEO and Co-Founder at Custora. “In today’s economy, leading retailers have the understanding that all shoppers are inherently different. Campaign optimisation and the marketing approach to targeting consumers can help engage and retain customers and establish brand loyalty. Shoppers are looking for a personalised approach that makes their experiences meaningful, and the combination of Custora and Criteo will make that more seamless than ever.”

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By leveraging Custora and Criteo, women’s clothing retailer, Venus, achieved a 75% audience match rate and an eight times return on advertising spend across their highest value customers.

“By coupling Custora’s predictive analytics capabilities around CLV with Criteo’s identity onboarding, decisioning and personalisation capabilities, we were able to see a huge jump in revenue from this channel,” said Nick Obukhov, Digital Marketing Manager at Venus. “After validating the effectiveness of predictive segmentation in our retargeting approach, we scaled up our investment with Criteo.”

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Through Criteo’s Audience Match, Custora’s clients can engage in the full spectrum of audience tactics, including: Re-engaging high lifetime value shoppers, finding offline customers online, targeting lapsed customers and upselling and cross-selling product promotions.

Criteo Cited as a Large Vendor in Now Tech: Omnichannel Media Management Report by Forrester

Criteo was recently cited as a large player in a Forrester report titled “Now Tech: Omnichannel Media Management, Q2 2019”, published on June 14, 2019.

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Forrester’s research report defines omnichannel media management, identifies functionality segments that buyers should watch for and gives them a lay of the vendor landscape, providing actionable advice to marketers on how to manage their omnichannel advertising investments.

The author, VP and Principal Analyst Joanna O’Connell concludes her report with a plea to marketers: “Don’t let the walled gardens dictate your advertising approach.” In the report’s final paragraph, O’Connell writes consumers spend more time on the open internet and suggests brands should either push for a “clean room solution” or carefully assess where their consumers actually spend their time -and invest there.

“Our advertising platform is offering a full-funnel solution for the open Internet, where consumers spend half their time, but advertisers still spend only a third of their investments,” said JB Rudelle, Criteo’s CEO.

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This research paper has been independently authored by Forrester and may differ from Criteo’s official position.