Martechvibe Announces Special Series on Customer Experience

Martechvibe presents a special spotlight on customer experience, in partnership with Lucidya, the CXM platform.

Reading Time: 3 mins 


  • In the age of convenience, customers look at their experience with a brand as the primary deciding factor. The second they come across an unsatisfactory customer experience, they switch. As they say, technology has its pros and cons. For brands, it is a question of how well they leverage this technology to make customers happy by offering them the speed and ease they demand.


    Let’s look at the primary ways CX has evolved. Firstly, CX has become an organisation-wide priority. Secondly, with customers accessing the internet through multiple devices, an omnichannel strategy has become crucial. And finally, with the advent of AI, the face of customer experience has completely changed. The younger generation, especially, loves interacting with virtual reality and AI-powered features. 

    Balancing all these factors together is essential for brands aiming to win their customer’s hearts. Martechvibe presents a special spotlight on customer experience, powered by Lucidya, the CXM platform. 

    This special week dives into factors powering enhanced customer experiences, leveraging the latest technologies at brands’ disposal. 


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