Tealium Introduces Functions, Expanding CDP Flexibility 


Tealium announced Tealium Functions, a new, free feature within the Tealium Customer Data Platform (CDP). Customers can now connect to custom destinations, transform data, automate workflows, and launch new use cases faster with simple code.

Especially post-pandemic, more of the customer experience is digital but the ecosystem of data and technologies powering these experiences are rarely based on a single platform. To keep the entire journey connected, businesses need more flexibility and options from their customer data platform (CDP) to quickly build custom ‘just for me’ integrations, automations and transformations for their unique application stack and use cases. In addition to an industry-leading integration marketplace, Tealium Functions now gives developers a canvas to leverage JavaScript code in order to quickly build custom solutions and launch new use cases faster.

Tealium Functions can help customers: 

  • Build or customise integrations to connect to custom destinations or quickly customise existing marketplace integrations
  • Transform real-time, streaming data prior to activation to ensure that it is in its most usable format across the tech stack
  • Automate workflows to minimise repetitive, time-consuming tasks and increase high-scale efficiency
  • Quickly connect to external datasets to leverage critical data that lives outside of a business’ CDP

“As we’ve grown into our use cases with Tealium, we’ve seen incredible opportunities to leverage more data that lives outside the CDP,” said Jeff Newell, Technology Manager at Meridian Energy. “For instance, there’s a wealth of data that lives outside of our own first-party data that could help enrich our datasets and personalise a web experience. With Tealium Functions, we are now able to query databases through their third-party APIs to enrich our customers’ web experience. It gave our team more flexibility without added complexity, and we were able to develop, test and stand up this use case in hours rather than weeks.”

“At Alaska Airlines, we’re driving to create personalised travel experiences for every guest,” said Joshua Benard, Product Manager at Alaska Airlines. “In order to do that at scale, we need to supply the right customer data, to the right tools across our stack, at the right time. Tealium’s integration marketplace helped us get started in that effort, but as our use cases advanced we found more need to customise how those integrations were working for us.”

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“With Tealium Functions, we’re given a canvas to work with our developers and customise existing integrations within the Tealium integration catalogue with some simple JavaScript. In a day, we were able to write some code to customise our integration with a key personalisation tool in our stack in order to bring in a broader set of events to inform how we’d deliver the customer experience. Tealium Functions gives us extra flexibility with our customer data infrastructure to bring new, custom ideas to life.”

Today, Tealium Functions is generally available for Tealium EventStream API Hub and AudienceStream CDP customers enabling them to create custom functions for data destinations and integrations. Later this year, Transformations in Tealium Functions will be available to further expand customisation capabilities and allow customers to create functions at the point of data collection to transform, modify, or validate events before processing.

“We pioneered this type of customisation capability in the market when we introduced extensions in Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium Functions brings the same customisation flexibility to our server-side products,” said Mike Anderson, CTO and Founder, at Tealium. “With Tealium Functions, our vision is to eventually enable customers to create a customisation layer that can be used at any point of the data lifecycle so they can truly identify and address their most complex business needs.”