Petal Search Offers Users Intuitive And AI-driven Search Experience 


Petal Search has gone through several iterations of updates and has expanded its arsenal of features to better serve its users around the world.

Launched in 2020, Petal Search is an AI-powered mobile search engine that makes it easy to find virtually anything online, from nearby news and services to great deals on shopping, travel and more.

Petal Search is a native Huawei mobile services search engine (HMS), it leverages Huawei’s technology and search engine partnerships and has helped drive the database across the entire HMS ecosystem to more than 730 million users of Huawei in 170 countries and regions around the world, helping users find what they need in more than 20 categories, including shopping, travel, news and more.

Petal Search gives its users cognitive search capabilities that greatly enhance the way they explore the world, enabling them to find everything they need with ease. This dedication to its users can be seen in the search engine’s continued effort to introduce new features and capabilities over the past year.

“1+8+N” strategy for all scenarios offers full accessibility

As part of the “1+8+N” strategy for all enterprise scenarios, Huawei users can also access the search engine on various devices such as Visions, tablets and many more. This means users can enjoy the same level of powerful search capabilities regardless of their preferred device.

In addition, Petal Search offers search services for Huawei Visions, allowing users to easily search local and online content. Huawei will continue working to implement the search engine for other devices in the near future.

Petal Search Offers Complete Search Experience

Petal Search aggregates information from 20 services and works with more than 3,000 business partners across industries to coordinate a search experience with high-quality content and services. Thanks to these collaborations, users will find that whether they’re looking for the latest training equipment or the luxury local hotel for a vacation in the city itself, the results they need are right there in Petal Search.

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In addition, Petal Search users can share their preferences with the search engine, allowing it to provide personalised recommendations just for them. This means that, with each search, Petal Search can better understand each user to provide increasingly accurate and relevant results and improve search efficiency.

Petal Search also introduced visual and voice search capabilities, so users have more than one way to search for what they need, improving convenience and the overall experience at multiple points.

With visual search, users can get relevant results based on the shared image and photo; so while the image of a cookie might bring up recipes or bakeries nearby, a photo of an influencer will provide links to shopping sites with the exact garment. Petal Search also offers a hands-free voice search feature, which is particularly useful when users are multitasking. So whether a user is looking for restaurant hours in the car or checking the correct amount of ingredients for a recipe while cooking, voice search offers the same powerful search experience as Petal Search to help meet their needs.