Jivox Launches IQ Blaze and Data Clean Room


Jivox announced the availability of a significant update to its Personalised Digital Marketing platform, Jivox IQ, designed to meet brands’ great demand for optimising consumer engagement across their paid and owned media channels–made possible through the Snowflake Data Cloud.

By pairing this new scalable event processing technology with Snowflake, Jivox IQ gains scalability and performance for analytics that is unparalleled in the industry.

“As third-party cookies go away from the digital marketing ecosystem, and with increasingly more media platforms turning into walled gardens, brands that want to control their own destiny must invest in strong campaign data management infrastructure in order to enable audience creation, attribution and measurement of their own,” said Diaz Nesamoney founder and CEO of Jivox. “Brands have, for too long, outsourced their data and attribution needs to various platforms (e.g., media platforms). Today, they cannot afford to do so anymore. As the media world becomes increasingly fragmented, consumer journeys are no longer trackable across those platforms.”

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Highlights of key new capabilities include:

Jivox IQ Blaze High Performance Analytics (HPA):

  • Unlimited scale of report execution due to multi-node clustered database and data warehouse architecture that enables true cloud based auto-scaling for even the most demanding queries and analytics needs
  • 5X higher query performance compared to Jivox IQ’s first-generation single-node data warehouse
  • The ability to create powerful ad-hoc reports that deliver results quickly without having to wait for batch reporting processes to complete

All of this power is available to brands without the need to copy and upload log data to their own data warehouse or be limited to only reports available in the platform.

Jivox IQ Blaze Data Clean Room (DCR): enables brands to create sophisticated segmentation, attribution and conversion tracking analytics using data from Jivox IQ executed campaigns. Jivox IQ’s DCR allows access to this data in real-time, enabling brands to combine the data with other data from data platforms, attribution platforms and many other sources without extensive copying and matching that was previously required.

Jivox IQ Blaze DCR provides the following capabilities:

  • Access to raw Jivox events data, which contains detailed Jivox log data and all of the events for each ad served and data collection events
  • Securely access the data in a privacy compliant manner, including compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations
  • Match user IDs and other consumer identity information (with data from other platforms) for accurate attribution
  • Access conversion tracking data for accurate attribution along with data from other channels

These capabilities are available using real-time data (vs batch files uploaded and manually matched). This approach also ensures data security with a focus on consented consumer data for personalised experiences and optimising marketing campaigns.