Invoca Launches Solution To Recover Revenue From Missed Sales Opportunities

Invoca-Launches-New-Solution-to-Recover-Revenue-from-Missed-Sales-and-Appointment-Setting-Calls (1)

Invoca has launched Lost Sales Recovery, a new solution that spots missed sales conversion opportunities that occur when high-intent callers fail to reach a live agent because they hung up or reached voicemail.

This technology also addresses an acute challenge for multi-location and franchise businesses by identifying these lost conversion opportunities across every location, region and line of business.

When combined with Invoca’s market-leading conversation intelligence, Lost Sales Recovery illuminates the entire digital-to-phone-call journey that resulted in unanswered high-intent calls. With these insights, businesses can re-engage the highest value callers with an immediate agent call back or a digital incentive.

“Voice is still the preferred method of engagement for customers to get expert assistance, particularly for complex and urgent purchases,” said Scott Black, Senior Director of Business Development at Five9. “Invoca is a valued partner, and their new feature helps businesses optimise the voice channel by giving agents the ability to call back the highest priority callers immediately.”

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“For many businesses, revenue growth is tied directly to the experience they provide callers,” said Gregg Johnson, CEO at Invoca. “Phone calls are moments of truth that determine whether or not the caller converts to a customer or appointment, so it’s critical for businesses to understand when their locations and call centers aren’t answering calls. Invoca enables marketing and sales teams to detect, diagnose, and correct call handling issues negatively impacting conversion rates and revenue.”

Lost Sales Recovery can dramatically improve performance for sales leaders, marketing leaders, and businesses with multiple locations or franchises.

  • Sales leaders can quickly see and act on real-time unanswered sales call alerts across every location and immediately re-engage with those consumers. General and support calls can be deflected to appropriate channels so agents stay productive.
  • Marketing leaders can breathe new life into unanswered phone leads and retarget those callers with incentives. This allows for smarter spend and targeting on search and digital ad campaigns driving high volumes of unanswered calls.
  • Businesses with multiple locations or franchises have new transparency of how many calls are unanswered in every location. Rules-based call routing can be created to automatically route.

“Lost Sales Recovery is powered by brand new Signals that we’ve added to the Invoca platform. These new Signals are different because they use heuristic voice energy detection – or technology that determines if a human-to-human conversation took place – to uncover whether the caller spoke to an agent, was sent to voicemail, or left a voicemail,” said Nathan Ziv, SVP of Product Management at Invoca. “Customers can easily visualise these Signals inside Invoca’s dashboards and reports, and combine them with AI Signals to rapidly close more leads by recovering missed opportunities.”