Dubai CommerCity Partners With Creative971 To Facilitate eCommerce Ecosystem


Dubai CommerCity has partnered with Creative971 to support the growth of the eCommerce market in the GCC and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by helping businesses establish their own online stores or digitally transform their business.

Dubai CommerCity’s 360-degree on-site guidance for eCommerce businesses supported by Creative971’s expertise in eCommerce website UI/UX design and development will provide new and existing businesses that are planning to open or optimise their own web store with a robust approach to launch and scale their eCommerce business.

DeVere Forster, Chief Operating Officer at Dubai CommerCity said, “Our partnership with Creative971 will play a key role in supporting our customers to meet their business requirements through developing their online stores with guidance from experts, a key element for the success of any eCommerce business. So far, we have signed several partnerships with some of the global names in eCommerce and logistics, of which we are very proud. These partnerships will contribute to enhancing our services and offerings, and support us in providing our customers with an ideal ecosystem which offers them full support throughout the process of setting up their eCommerce business.”

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Julia Jackle, CEO & Co-Founder at Creative971 said, “Our partnership with Dubai Commercity, being the first and leading eCommerce free zone in the region, is essential, as we are both working with clients that focus on eCommerce. That being said, the partnership will strengthen the deep knowledge and eCommerce expertise in the region and create a one-stop solution for any business wanting to succeed with eCommerce in the MENA region.