CoSchedule Launches Marketing Suite, Boosts Product Offering for Marketers

CoSchedule Launches Marketing Suite, Boosts Product Offering for Marketers

The family of agile marketing tools helps marketers publish more work, complete projects on time and prove value to stakeholders.

CoSchedule, one of the fastest-growing marketing platform on the Inc. 5000 list, announced the launch of its new CoSchedule Marketing Suite. The Marketing Suite helps marketers stay focused, deliver projects on time and make their team happy.

The strategic shift to build a unified marketing platform is the company’s direct response to marketers’ feedback and frustration with disconnected toolsets that cause marketing teams to waste time coordinating work rather than completing it.

“We surveyed more than 3,000 marketers, and they unanimously shared the need to get more work done in less time,” said Garrett Moon, co-founder and CEO of CoSchedule, adding, “The pressure for this productivity pushes them to adopt new technologies and processes. But in reality, we hear this only leads to siloed tools and teams. They’re frustrated. At CoSchedule, we call this ‘makeshift marketing.’ It’s the wasted effort marketers spend coordinating projects, managing spreadsheets and cobbling together single-function tools.”

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The CoSchedule Marketing Suite brings together a work management, content marketing, social media management and digital asset management toolset built upon a marketing calendar foundation. This family of agile tools is designed to provide unprecedented visibility into marketing operations with a single source of truth for all marketing activities.

“Our mission is to end makeshift marketing, so we decided to build a completely new way for marketers to work,” said Moon. “The CoSchedule Marketing Suite brings together all the tools that marketers need on a daily basis and puts them in one place. It’s a monumental step and an exciting evolution for CoSchedule and our customers.”

The Marketing Calendar is the cornerstone of the Marketing Suite. The platform includes four additional product offerings that build off the calendar.

  1. Content Organizer is content marketing software to drive strategy and growth.
  2. Social Organizer is a social media management software to empower marketers with everything they need from publishing to measurement.
  3. Work Organizer is team collaboration software designed to help marketers manage and automate workflows.
  4. Asset Organizer is a digital asset management software designed to organize digital assets and share files with stakeholders.

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“Prior to CoSchedule, we were using tons of different tools. We were jumping from product to product and none of the things we were doing was working together. Because everything wasn’t in one place, I didn’t have a lot of visibility into what our team was working on. The CoSchedule Marketing Suite lets us know what everyone is working on and when it’s going to get done, and it’s allowed us to consistently meet our deadlines. Because we have visibility into every project, we’ve been able to drastically reduce wasted effort and produce more content,” said Sadie Rudolph, public relations director at Flint Group and long-time CoSchedule customer.

CoSchedule was recognised in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms.