Truecaller Upgrades Ad Formats For Enhanced User Experience

Truecaller's proprietary ad format “Click to experience” has been used by brands like and APV to enhance user experience

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  • Truecaller Ads has broadened its offerings with upgraded proprietary ad formats, prioritising user experience, making ads less intrusive and more enjoyable for consumers.

    Additionally, brands can track the performance of their proprietary ad formats closely, collecting valuable insights on user interactions, engagement rates, and conversion metrics, which further enables future campaign optimisation and audience targeting.

    Furthermore, Truecaller’s proprietary new ad format “Click to experience” has been used by brands like and APV for their marquee grand annual sales and blockbuster movie releases, giving an immersive and innovative experience to the brands.

    Arpan Biswas, marketing head, AJIO, said: “At AJIO, we always strive to drive innovative & distinctive brand engagement for our customers. With the “Click to Experience” Ad innovation we tried to enhance the user experience and connect with them better.”

    Jinit Shah, director of media at PivotRoots, praised the innovative ad format, added, “With Truecaller’s new format, we were able to break the clutter with a very eye-catching solution that blended seamlessly with our creative strategy for Prime Video’s latest campaign.”

    Sagar Manikpure, vice president of Global Ads Business at Truecaller stated, “In the ever changing marketing landscape, the challenges faced by marketers are more complex than ever. From engaging the right audience to optimising campaigns for maximum impact, the demands are relentless. Our customised Ad solutions are engineered to meet these challenges head-on, providing marketers with the solutions and insights they need to negotiate this ever-evolving landscape. With our strategic approach, proprietary solutions, and innovative ad formats, we empower them to overcome obstacles, refine their strategies, and achieve impressive results. We’re here to help the brands throughout their sales funnel and contribute meaningfully to their success.”


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