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Martechvibe looks at some martech podcasts that have been helping marketers keep up with the latest trends and technology The buzz created around podcast charts is no less than those around music charts. There are more than 48 million episodes in over 100 languages on the cloud today, making blogs look old school. The business […]


  • Martechvibe looks at some martech podcasts that have been helping marketers keep up with the latest trends and technology

    The buzz created around podcast charts is no less than those around music charts. There are more than 48 million episodes in over 100 languages on the cloud today, making blogs look old school.

    The business industry has been quick to use podcasts as a marketing medium to share knowledge with relevant, niche audiences. On the other hand, marketers themselves tune into shows to help them keep up with the latest marketing, technology, and business trends. From Salesforce to Hubspot, there are also several platforms that either produce or sponsor MarTech podcasts. Here are our top 10 picks.

    AdExchanger Talks

    Host: Allison Schiff
    First Aired: 2016
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.3

    In one of its latest episodes, AdExchanger features Scott Gatz, CEO and founder of LGBTQ publisher Q.Digital. He talks about overly restrictive keyword blocklists that are still a big problem for publishers. Niche publishers are often penalised for inoffensive words that commonly appear in their content. It’s time for advertisers to ask themselves what words they’re reflexively blocking – and why.

    Led by Senior Editor Allison Schiff, AdExchanger Talks explores the evolution of data-driven digital media and marketing. Episodes feature thoughtful interviews with key figures in advertising and people who are transforming data-driven digital advertising. Some of its podcast guests include Terry Kawaja, CEO, LUMA Partners; David Kenny, CEO, Nielsen; and Mark Penn, CEO, Stagwell.

    Copyblogger. FM

    Host: Tim Stoddart, Darrell Vesterfelt
    First Aired: 2010
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.6

    In one of its latest episodes, guest Thomas Bevan, cryptocurrency enthusiast and a writer who authors a weekly column on The Commonplace discusses how cryptocurrency can impact the digital economy.

    Produced by Rainmaker.FM, the podcast started as Internet Marketing for Smart People with Robert Bruce and Brian Clark, then revamped into The Lede. In 2016, the podcast transformed again — Copyblogger.FM  is a weekly show focusing on content marketing and entrepreneurship. Some of the featured guests analysing email marketing, conversion and optimisation include Pat Wells, founder, Starter Story; Leah Neaderthal, founder, Smart Gets Paid; and Rand Fishkin, CEO, SparkToro.

    EDGE of the Web

    Host: Erin Sparks
    First Aired: 2012
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.8

    In one of the latest episodes, Erin Sparks discusses the Google My Business name change and why marketers should put brand videos for maximum exposure. He also talks about the new Page Speed Insights version and the new Page Experience Update for Desktop.

    A weekly podcast by Site Strategies, EDGE of the Web covers all topics related to Internet Marketing including, SEO, search engine marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimisation. Some of the featured guests include George Nguyen, Editor, Third Door Media; Olga Zarzeczna, SEO expert, Seosly; and Lily Ray, Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research, Amsive Digital. Apart from interviews, host Erin Sparks also discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry.

    Growth Marketing Toolbox

    Host: Nicholas Scalice
    First Aired: 2015
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.9

    In one of its latest episodes, Alex Billington, former professional soccer player-turned-growth manager, explores automating reporting. The Growth Manager of Funnel discusses marketing reporting tools.

    Growth Marketing Toolbox is a weekly podcast that discusses the best growth marketing tools and technology available. It has aired 250 episodes featuring guests such as Jack Born, founder, Deadline Funnel; Xenia Muntean, CEO, Planable; and Grant Deken, CEO, Unstack. The podcast series has covered several topics, including clustering, product-market fit, the voice of customer research, AI content marketing, and no-code marketing tools.

    iDigress With Troy Sandidge

    Host: Troy Sandidge
    First Aired: 2020
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 5.0

    In one of its latest episodes, Sandidge discusses quantity vs quality, content creation vs content distribution, and value vs volume. He ponders over the questions, which combination would get the best results for businesses.

    A part of the HubSpot Podcast Network, iDigress is a marketing and business podcast hosted by award-winning global marketing strategist Troy Sandidge, aka, The Strategy Hacker. He discusses marketing strategies that can be implemented to amplify business, branding, social media, sales, and customer community. Sandidge helps listeners build strategies and develop solutions for sustainable and scalable businesses.

    Marketing Trends

    First Aired: 2019
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.8

    In one of its latest episodes, guest podcaster Kevin Osborne, SVP of Client Strategy, Acceleration Partners, encourages marketers to take another look at their affiliate strategy amid developing technology, which has allowed for more cost-effective implementation, tracking and growth for businesses of all sizes.

    Presented by Salesforce, The Marketing Trends podcast features interviews with impactful CMOs, CEOs, VPs, and industry leaders of companies including Google, Zendesk, Amazon, and Trillo, who share their marketing stories that helped build the Fortune 500. Some well-known guests include Courtney Baber, co-founder, The Route Beauty; Detria Williamson, CMO, IDEO; Bobby Jania, VP of Product Marketing, Salesforce. The podcast covers marketing case studies and discusses machine learning, account-based marketing, chatbots, and other latest B2B and B2C developments.

    Marketing Over Coffee

    Host: John Wall and Christopher Penn
    First Aired: 2007
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.5

    In one of its latest episodes, the hosts John Wall, partner, Trust Insights and Christopher Penn, co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, discuss the new search quality guidelines, E-A-T and inferred email quality. They also talk about UserTesting and Upfluence Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines and how to get IT to understand SEO.

    With over 300 episodes and over a million downloads, Marketing Over Coffee is a podcast that meets at the intersection of marketing and technology. The episodes are recorded at a coffee shop every week and have featured several business and marketing leaders, including Vivien Garnes, CEO, Upfluence, Seth Godin, author and former business executive; Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs.

    Social Media Marketing Podcast

    Host: Michael Stelzner
    First Aired: 2012
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.7

    In one of its latest episodes, host Michael Stelzner interviews Nicky Saunders, CEO, Deeper Than the Brand, and host of Nicky and Moose The Podcast. They talk about Instagram Live and how it can be used to promote and sell business.

    The Social Media Marketing Podcast is a weekly show that helps marketers navigate through the dynamic ecosystem. Hosted by the founder of Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner, the podcast features marketing experts across multiple industries and specialities. Conversations revolve around how successful marketers employ social media, new strategies and tactics used by businesses, and actionable tips to improve social media marketing.

    Social Pros Podcast

    Host: Adam Brown, Jay Baer
    First Aired: 2013
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.7

    In one of its latest episodes, Jon Loomer, owner of Jon Loomer Digital talks about the future of advanced Facebook advertising. He talks about Meta, how competition has affected advertising on Facebook over the years and why it’s more important than ever for brands to be creative. How much should one trust Facebook’s auto-optimisation?

    Social Pros puts social media practitioners on the spotlight. Episodes feature leading social media strategists who share their insights on current trends and ideas in the social media industry. Hosts Jay Baer, Founder, Convince & Convert and Adam Brown, executive strategist, Salesforce, end the episode with The Big Two, a rapid-fire segment of two critical questions. Some guest experts include Dan Gingiss, customer experience influencer; John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing; and Amanda Russell, marketing professor, The University of Texas.

    State of Demand Gen

    Host: Refine Labs
    First Aired: 2020
    Ratings on Apple Podcasts: 4.9

    In one of the latest episodes, State of Demand Gen sheds light on marketing as an art and that everything a marketer does cannot be measured with hard quantitative data.

    Produced by Refine Labs and CEO Chris Walker, the State of Demand Gen  dives deep into innovative strategies, tangible tactics, fireside chats, and interviews with B2B SaaS industry experts. Currently, on their second season, the podcast has featured experts such as Jake Dunlap, CEO, Skaled Consulting; Joe Mullings, CEO, The Mullings Group; Dave Gerhardt, Chief Brand Officer, Drift; and Tom Wentworth, CMO, Recorded Future.

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