How Can BFSI Reimagine Customer Value?

Martechvibe throws the spotlight on CX challenges in the BFSI industry, and asks the experts for ways to navigate changing customer expectations.

Reading Time: 3 mins 


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    What are the qualities needed to deliver excellence, create loyalty and drive growth – and remain relevant?

    Over the past year, enterprises have been dealing with challenges in effectively handling the abrupt and extensive transition to online customer service. The primary goal for marketing leaders is to future-proof business by establishing an efficient system that allows for faster response times. 

    BFSI is an industry that is, perhaps, most affected by this trend. Marketing and customer experience teams strive to adapt to completely new business paradigms, which include global competition, modern customer expectations, digital experience, and journey evolution. 

    New players, unencumbered by legacy systems and lengthy approval processes are able to innovate faster – to act on what modern customers want.  

    While these challenges may seem daunting, they also present abundant opportunities. Banks, financial service providers, and insurance companies that can excel in offering unique value propositions, prioritising exceptional customer experiences, and seamlessly integrating them throughout their operations have the potential to gain a substantial competitive edge.

    In this special series, Martechvibe taps into the thought leaders driving customer experience in the BFSI industry to get some answers and advice to plot the way forward. 


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