How a Telecom Redefined Customer Experience

How a Middle Eastern telecommunications company revolutionised its customer experience management with Sprinklr, an AI-powered solution.

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  • The success of a company hinges on its ability to meet and surpass customer expectations. In today’s business landscape, providing a positive customer experience has become more critical. Failing to prioritise customer experience can lead to decreased customer satisfaction, increased customer churn, and substantial losses.


    To avoid such consequences, businesses must adopt best practices for redefining the customer experience. But how do marketers cope when customer expectation itself keeps rising? Let’s explore the case study of a Middle Eastern telecommunications company that successfully transformed its customer experience management using Sprinklr’s AI-powered solution. By implementing effective strategies and leveraging innovative technologies, the company improved customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and gained real-time insights into its brand perception.

    Enhancing customer service efficiency

    To promptly address customer queries and concerns, the telecommunications company employed Automated Routing from Sprinklr Service. This AI-powered solution classifies inbound messages as engageable or non-engageable, allowing the company to focus on responding quickly to customer needs. Engageable messages are automatically routed to the most suitable agents based on their skill set and availability. This approach optimises response times and ensures customers receive timely assistance.

    Empowering agents with AI-assisted support

    To equip their customer care team with modern tools and streamline interactions, the company implemented Agent Assist, another AI-powered feature offered by Sprinklr. Agent Assist analyses agent-customer interactions in real-time and provides suggested responses, enabling agents to handle more cases efficiently while maintaining a personalised experience. By reducing response times and improving productivity, the company experienced a significant reduction in service level agreement (SLA) times.

    Driving quality assurance and transparency

    Before adopting Sprinklr Service, the company faced challenges in monitoring agent-customer interactions, which hindered its ability to assess and enhance the customer experience. With Sprinklr’s platform, the company gained visibility into detailed interactions and improved the quality of customer care. This increased customer satisfaction scores and fostered better relationships between agents and customers. The company achieved greater transparency and improved quality assurance processes by leveraging AI-driven technology.

    Harnessing social media insights for continuous improvement

    Monitoring brand mentions and relevant conversations across social channels is crucial for maintaining a strong online presence. The company utilised Sprinklr Insights to stay informed about how customers engage with the brand. By leveraging this functionality, the company gained a real-time understanding of brand awareness, product perception, customer loyalty, and user satisfaction. This data-driven approach empowered the company to make informed decisions, optimise marketing efforts, and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Achieving tangible results

    Through their partnership with Sprinklr, the telecommunications company achieved remarkable outcomes. They attained a four-minute SLA for public comments on social channels and a ten-minute SLA for private messages requiring technical troubleshooting. By providing consistent support across digital channels customers prefer, the company successfully reduced churn and increased customer retention. Furthermore, leveraging real-time, AI-driven predictors of customer satisfaction enhanced agent-customer engagement and contributed to the company’s overall success.

    Future directions

    The company continues to maximise the value of Sprinklr’s capabilities, recognising that there are still untapped opportunities for improvement. They actively explore newer functionalities and features to strengthen customer service and marketing efforts. By periodically assessing their strategies and discussing potential enhancements, the company ensures that they stay ahead of customer expectations and maximise their partnership with Sprinklr.


    The case study of the Middle Eastern telecommunications company exemplifies the best practices for redefining the customer experience. By leveraging AI-powered solutions like Sprinklr, the company addressed customer queries promptly, empowered their agents with AI-assisted support, ensured transparency and quality assurance, and gained valuable insights from social media conversations. These initiatives led to tangible results, including reduced churn, increased customer retention, and improved customer satisfaction scores. As businesses continue to evolve in the digital era, it is imperative to prioritise the customer experience and leverage innovative technologies to meet and exceed customer expectations.


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