Basis Technologies Integrates Snapchat Ad Management

Users of the Basis media automation platform can now access real-time performance data from Snapchat's self-serve platform.

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  • Basis Technologies, a provider of programmatic advertising and media automation solutions, today released an integration enabling marketers to measure Snapchat ads from demand-side platforms (DSPs).

    Users of the Basis media automation platform can now access real-time performance data from Snapchat’s self-serve platform.

    Basis ingests ad delivery metrics from major ad servers, social and search vendors, and its integrated demand-side platform (DSP). Its delivery data integrations from third-party ad products already include Google Search, Microsoft (Bing, LinkedIn), Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and TikTok.

    Basis users don’t have to log into third-party systems, locate campaign data, download spreadsheet reports with dozens of line items, or clean up reports to align them with the preferred arrangement of data. By using Basis to gain insights on campaigns running on Snapchat and other search and social platforms, marketers can see performance data in real time.

    Basis encompasses comprehensive advertising capabilities for programmatic, vendor-direct, search, and social.

    “Basis Technologies offers the only technology for marketers to manage Snapchat advertising alongside other advertising solutions commonly used. Snapchat continues to gain users and influence, making its campaign performance data an important aspect to automatically pull into our platform,” said Amy Rumpler, senior vice president of search and social services at Basis Technologies, in a statement. “With our latest integration, Basis continues to fill the needs of media agencies and teams that manage robust, broad campaigns to reach customers.”


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