CloudShare Integrates With Salesforce For Customer Acquisition


CloudShare has integrated its software experience platform with Salesforce to help sales reps with customer acquisition and retention.

CloudShare’s software experience platform allows sales teams to conduct demos and training sessions. The new integration will enable these same users to manage prospects and customers’ experiences via Salesforce, tracking their interactions with the CloudShare-powered virtual platform.

The new capabilities enable users to connect their CloudShare accounts directly to Salesforce. Users can populate data from CloudShare and choose how often they want to sync this information. Once the data is populated into Salesforce, users can create reports and analyse the information.

The integration also enables the following:

  • An end to manual data transfers from CloudShare to third-party platforms;
  • A single source of truth for all training and POC data; and
  • Automatically updated prospect/user data.

“This is the first announcement in what is set to be another stand-out year for CloudShare, especially in the U.K., where we have ambitious growth plans,” said Zvi Guterman, co-founder and CEO of CloudShare.

“The Salesforce integration is a direct result of customer demand as we learned that using multiple systems made the whole sales process inefficient. This integration will transform how sales reps manage end-to-end interactions with their prospects and customers. It will not only save sales teams time and optimise their productivity but will help them to drive customer acquisition and retention, which will ultimately impact the bottom line.”