Adore Me Tech To Develop Operating Platform


Adore Me, known for being the first lingerie brand to bring extended sizing to the market, is now introducing Adore Me Tech, a new technological group.

The disruptive lingerie brand is launching their own technology brand with its core mission to be about developing the Adore Me Operating Platform.

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Their market and business is continually being disrupted by new technology and the external factors that come along with it. Recognising that changes to shopping and fashion are inevitable, Adore Me introduces their very own suite of proprietary software and technology used to expand into new markets, new products, and new business models.

Currently, the Adore Me Operating Platform stands as an ecosystem of 15 internal tools that fuel solutions for current and short-term business challenges—and they’re working closely with business partners to expand even further, too.

Examples of these proprietary tools include a scale-up procurement inventory management system, a product ordering tool & advanced shipping notifications, an algorithm-based try-at-home subscription box, an advanced product creation tool used by Adore Me Designers, and a self-serve platform that serves as a homebase for influencer campaigns.

“We hypothesise that as the world around us continues to change, we’ll need to change the way we approach our planning, automation, and policies,” says Romain Liot, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Adore Me. “The right framework will be our catalyst in business growth, and the Adore Me Operating Platform is a huge step in the right direction.”