VMF KSA: The Sessions You Can’t Miss

Vibe Martech Fest (VMF) is bringing its successful edition to Saudi Arabia to lead the discussion on Martech and set the agenda for its future in the region.

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  • VMF KSA, taking place virtually on November 23 and 24, puts together a fantastic line-up of sessions covering a wide range of topics such as the death of the third-party cookie and trends in consumer intelligence and customer experience.

    Revamping CX: Turning Expectations Into Experiences

    It’s time brands make the shift from predicting customer behaviour to shaping customer behaviour. Zachary Faruque, Marketing Offering Manager, OneTrust will talk about how AI and data help create a seamless individualised customer journey.

    A Look Back, A Look Forward: Re-Imagining Engagement Strategies With A ‘Customer First’ Mindset

    Panellists Aziz Amine, Director of Marketing & Country Head Of Mobile Financial Services, Virgin Mobile, Sadeq Abdulrasool, Chief Digital Officer, Homiez.me, and Majed A Alhamdan, Marcomm Advisor, Confidential, will discuss how to embrace one-to-one engagement by deploying real-time decision making. They will share real-life examples of marketers using data-driven approaches towards personalisation, audience segmentation, and attribution and how to drive customer engagement by providing a consistent experience across any channel.

    Cookie-Less Panel: Death Of Third-Party Cookies More Impactful Than GDPR?

    Over the years, customer data tracking has increased exponentially, and many users began to be concerned about privacy. Hear from Abhay Kumar, Senior Vice President Digital Marketing & Social Media, DAMAC and Stefano Loi, Senior Solutions Engineer, OneTrust on how to ramp up your data capabilities and the quality of data and focus on making it more accurate. Know how to analyse your engagement touchpoints for better insights on your customers to fine-tune customer journeys in real-time and how to maintain a unified view of your customers.

    Fireside Chat: The CMO Balancing Act – Low Risk Approach Vs Reinventing Opportunities

    The session with Taha Iqbal, Chief Marketing Officer, Toys R Us KSA, will highlight why CMOs are adopting the low-risk approach as the narrative changes from resilience to reinvention. Learn about rationalising the Martech stack to overcome stack bloat and increase the overall stack usage.

    Translating Consumer Intelligence Into Great Customer Experiences

    All brands realise that they need real-time consumer data to stay ahead of the curve, but not all brands know what tools to use or how to leverage this data. To learn more about how you can leverage consumer intelligence in 2021, the ingredients for great customer experience, both digitally and offline, and how consumer intelligence powers customer experience and future proofs your brand, attend this conversation with Rami Deeb, Marketing Executive, Talkwalker.

    For more details, visit: https://ksa.vibemartechfest.com/register


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