Upselling and cross-selling, reviews management, and remarketing are the first AI-driven features to be released. 

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  • SWIPEBY launched a set of artificial intelligence-driven features in its holistic direct ordering platform to improve customer interaction, upselling purchases, making reviews more manageable and powerful, and improving marketing within.

    “We give one-person and family-run businesses the resources of a savvy thousand-person organisation,” said Carl Turner, CEO and founder of SWIPEBY, in a statement. “Using AI is no longer just a theory. We’ve actually put it into practice, and our operators are beginning to take advantage of features that bring scaled, trained, and specialised teams to small businesses artificially.”

    Upselling and cross-selling, reviews management, and remarketing are the first AI-driven features to be released. They include the following:

    • SWIPEBY Edda, which functions as a customer-facing AI guest assistant that makes suggestions for additional items customers might want to purchase based on items in their shopping carts, available items, order history, and other real-time customer and business data points. Operators will be able to see which menu items have been selected based on Edda’s suggestions.
    • SWIPEBY AI Review Consultant to respond to reviews, expanding on SWIPEBY’s 5-star Review Management tool by keeping track of all new public reviews and crafting an appropriate response using business data, such as current promotions and specials. The operator is notified via text of each review and the suggested response and can approve to post or send editing notes to receive a new draft.
    • SWIPEBY Deep Reviews Insights, a monthly AI-driven report that provides an analysis of public reviews and summary from vast amounts of public data.
    • SWIPEBY AI Remarketing, which significantly upgrades SWIPEBY’s remarketing engine. It sends emails to customers who haven’t ordered after a certain number of days. It creates and sends custom content for every interaction using real-time data like promotions, order history, available items, time of day, weather, and other inputs.

    “We’re excited by the potential SWIPEBY with AI offers our operators. By embedding AI into the SWIPEBY platform, we have quickly developed and released AI-driven features that give independent businesses all the advantages a megacorporation has and may even wish for,” Turner said. “SWIPEBY is transforming the use of AI from single interactions, like creating a photo or designing a website, to incorporating AI into thousands of touchpoints and transactions every day. It significantly improves the way any business engages with customers and makes operational decisions. It will only get more powerful from here.”


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