Spotlight: The One With The Customer Whisperer Skill

Future MarTech Leader initiative throws the spotlight on Dina Barakat from Google.

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  • Marketers face a constant challenge – keeping up with shifts in consumer preferences. A good marketing leader knows the value of understanding the target audience across numerous factors, such as region, culture, and economy. 

    This understanding is the bedrock upon which the creation of relevant and successful products is built. It allows marketers to not just respond to customer needs but to proactively shape these desires by delivering products that they didn’t even know they wanted.

    Innovation and adaptability are paramount in the martech industry, and a new wave of visionary leaders is emerging. They are poised to shape the future landscape of the industry, and Martechvibe is determined to bring the spotlight on them. As the nominations pour in for the “Do You Know A Future Martech Leader?” initiative, here is a preview of our next shortlisted candidate: Dina Barakat, Product Marketing Manager at Google MENA.

    Spotlight: The One With The Customer Whisperer Skill

    In this exclusive snapshot, we delve into Barakat’s achievements, use of technology, and her insights that set her apart in an industry where differentiation is key. 

    Barakat’s contribution

    Barakat, with a background in Marketing, oversees consumer marketing products. Her role involves collaborating with cross-functional teams to introduce global products to the Arab user base through the launch of pertinent features, significant partnerships, and crafting inspiring narratives. Her scope of work includes products such as Google Search, Google Bard, and Android, among others.

    One of Barakat’s favourite recent projects was her involvement in the launch of Bard in Arabic: Google’s conversational AI experiment. She was deeply engaged in testing various models of the product, collaborating with engineers and other teams to make improvements, and ultimately unveiling it to users and the world. Barakat recognised that the opportunity was gold. 

    According to Brakat, every marketer should observe their target audience closely. “It’s important to put yourself in their shoes, try to live a day in their realm and closely listen to their experiences – only then you can really understand their pain points and start adding value. It should be an ongoing process, because it’s almost unbelievable how quickly behavioural insights become outdated in this fast moving world!”

    The chosen tech support

    In her day-to-day role, Barakat relies on a combination of internal and external technology tools to facilitate various tasks. For instance, she utilises Google Trends and other social listening tools to stay abreast of user insights within the region. 

    She also leverages AI tools like Bard to assist in creating the perfect campaign message. Additionally, she makes use of internal analytical tools to closely monitor the performance of products and campaigns. 

    Barakat strongly believes in the importance of staying updated with new technologies, particularly for professionals in the marketing field who engage with data, insights, and creative elements. To achieve this, she subscribes to tech newsletters, actively engages in the social discourse, and engages in discussions with colleagues and experts.

    To thrive in this environment, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve with new technology solutions and a keen focus on customer behaviour. Barakat’s story is just one of the many on the path to revolutionary success. Martechvibe is committed to unveil narratives of brilliance and bring future martech leaders to the spotlight.

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