Snap Debuts Advanced Partner Program

The Advanced Partner Program is an additional step in Snap's ongoing commitment to support agencies across the region.

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  • Snap Inc. has announced the launch of its new Advanced Partner Program, providing select agencies access to a curated package of educational and business opportunities.

    Rasha El-Ghoussaini, Head of Agency at Snap Inc., said, “At Snap, we are committed to supporting the agency ecosystem across the region to build capabilities and knowledge as they experience remarkable growth and transformation. We’re thrilled to be launching the Advanced Partner Program and look forward to bringing more value to our pilot partners, helping them create impact and drive real results for their clients.” 

    The first phase of the Advance Partner Program is already underway with a cohort of pilot agency partners—including Ababyads, Acquist and Assembly. 

    Ayah Reyad, VP Of Digital Arabyads, said, “Snapchat has been instrumental in helping us expand our market share and connect with a wider audience in different innovative advertising opportunities, it has not only benefited us but also inspired us to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in our own endeavors. With this new program, we are eager to foster meaningful relationships and establish a stronger presence in the digital landscape to create a unique blend of creativity, solidifying our position in the market.”

    Ryan Garner, Chief Activation Officer at Assembly, said, “Assembly is delighted to be part of the Snap Advanced Partner Program. The Snap team has always brought incredible dedication to client success with great energy and innovation. Now, as early program collaborators, we are excited to unlock new avenues of creativity, strategy customization and brand performance across the Snap ecosystem. This will be driven by new tools, training, fresh audience insights, advanced creative strategies, and leveraging the power of AR. We are looking forward to co-creating even more client successes with Snap in the future!”  

    Timothee Desormeaux, Managing Partner, Co-Founder at  Acquisit, said, “Snapchat has been a key partner for Acquisit since the company started. Their team values our data-driven approach and expertise in measurement. Snap has a great understanding of the unique challenges and objectives our clients are facing in the MENA region. Our previous collaborations have been straightforward and supportive, helping us to leverage our strengths and deliver solid results for our clients. We look forward to continuing this productive partnership and exploring new opportunities together.”

    The comprehensive program aims to badge qualifying agencies as experts on Snapchat, offering them training on tools, products, solutions and access to Snap’s proprietary research. 


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