OMG HK Launches Proprietary Dashboard For Enhanced Social Media Insights With Google’s GenAI

OMG HK’s dashboard can be adjusted and tailored to unique domains, industries, or scenarios that are pertinent to a given brand or market by using Google’s GenAI.


  • Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong (OMG HK) has created a proprietary and unique dashboard with enhanced functionality by incorporating Google’s GenAI technology into its social listening framework. This connection helps brands to quickly and effectively evaluate massive amounts of social media interactions, identifying various nuances, settings, and consumer mood. 

    The customised dashboard also distinguishes OMG HK and its agencies as more than just traditional media agencies, allowing them to broaden their capabilities and become more agile in an era where marketers seek to consolidate agency resources. 

    This is a change from keyword-based social listening, as the first brand in the network to use this feature is Mead Johnson Nutrition, a client of PHD Hong Kong. Mead Johnson Nutrition can prioritise their media buys to reach particular demographics and maintain flexibility in their marketing endeavours by utilising the dashboard. 

    OMG HK’s social listening dashboard has natural language processing capabilities through advanced language understanding provided by GenAI models. This makes it more adept than a keyword-based method in understanding the subtleties, context, and sentiment of social media posts and comments.

    OMG HK’s proprietary dashboard can process ambiguity, sarcasm, complicated sentence structures, and colloquial idioms more precisely through the use of GenAI, which improves sentiment analysis and insights. Additionally, it has the ability to decipher and evaluate the meaning behind emojis and other non-textual components frequently found in social media messages. 

    The improved social listening dashboard from OMG HK provides customisable sentiment analysis across several brands. It has the ability to effectively detect the mood conveyed towards each unique brand by screening comments that mention several companies. It ascertains whether the attitude is favourable, unfavourable, or neutral for each brand mentioned by examining the larger context. Even in intricate conversations involving multiple brands, this flexibility allows for more detailed and accurate brand-specific insights. 

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    Large volumes of social media data can be quickly processed by the improved dashboard created by OMG HK, and it can produce succinct, insightful reports. It finds the most important themes, subjects, and opinions that are present in the data and presents them in a way that is simple to understand. The generation of insights is accelerated and made more agile by this capacity. 

    OMG HK’s dashboard can be adjusted and tailored to unique domains, industries, or scenarios that are pertinent to a given brand or market by using GenAI. With the use of this capacity, the GenAI model is better able to comprehend and interpret the lingo, subtleties, and vocabulary unique to that field, producing more precise and pertinent insights. 

    OMG HK’s dashboard is scalable with its interface with Google BigQuery, which enables it to manage enormous volumes of social media data in real-time. The dashboard can track and examine social media streams in real-time, giving users the most recent information and facilitating fast reactions to new trends.


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