CleverTap Partners with RentoMojo

With CleverTap, RentoMojo aims to enhance user engagement and reduce churn through optimised customer funnels.

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  • CleverTap, an all-in-one engagement platform, announced its partnership with RentoMojo, an online rental solution. Through this collaboration, RentoMojo aims to enhance its customer engagement strategies, drive substantial revenue growth, and streamline its marketing efforts.

    Dhruv Wahal, Growth and Revenue Head, RentoMojo, said, “Our primary focus has always been on building a sustainable and profitable business model, and choosing CleverTap was a strategic move for RentoMojo as we prepare for our next phase of growth. CleverTap’s advanced analytics, seamless integration, and strong support have helped us transform our customer engagement strategies. Most of all, their collaborative ethos has made us feel like we’re part of the same team working towards a common goal. We are confident that this partnership will help us achieve our growth plans, scale our business and enhance the overall customer experience.” 

    Sidharth Pisharoti, Chief Revenue Officer, CleverTap, said, “RentoMojo’s remarkable strides in the rental industry make this partnership truly exciting. Together, we aim to create seamless experiences for their customers as they embark on an exponential growth phase. Through CleverTap’s platform, RentoMojo achieved a 37% boost in reachability compared to competition after a rigorous Proof of Concept (POC) that Rentomojo undertook. We’re thrilled to support RentoMojo with our innovative solutions, and their choice to leverage CleverTap’s platform underscores our commitment to delivering superior service and customer experiences.”

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    With the previous customer engagement solution, RentoMojo faced challenges expanding its reach and boosting impressions. After a comprehensive evaluation, RentoMojo chose CleverTap over its competitors for its advanced analytics capabilities, and superior customer service to enhance their reach and impressions metrics. Additionally, CleverTap’s onboarding process demonstrated the depth of support and seamless integration across RentoMojo’s app and website, offering a unified view of customers.

    With CleverTap, RentoMojo aims to enhance user engagement and reduce churn through optimised customer funnels. Additionally, the company’s vision is to increase repeat purchases and referrals through personalised upsell and cross-sell strategies with repeat transactions and maximised conversions without increasing acquisition costs.


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