Zomato Chooses Konnect Insights to Boost its CX Strategy


Konnect Insights, the omnichannel customer experience management platform, announced that Zomato, has chosen Konnect Insights to help it achieve new levels of CXM.

Zomato is a brand that values its customers’ experiences and is endeavouring to set the highest standards when it comes to delivering the right services and experiences. Zomato turned to Konnect Insights to be able to leverage decision-driving data and equip themselves to achieve their CX objectives.

Aditya Narain Mangla, Head, Customer Experience at Zomato shared, “Our goal is to make sure customers have a fantastic experience. Konnect Insights will improve our ability to receive and cater to valuable customer feedback across multiple platforms.”

“Konnect Insights is built on the principles of The 4 Pillars of Customer Experience Management, meant for customer-centric brands who really care about excellence in CX. Zomato is definitely pioneering their customer care and we are glad to be assisting them to deliver fantastic experiences by leveraging valuable customer feedback across channels,” stated Sameer Narkar, Founder & CEO at Konnect Insights.