Martech Huddle - Iftar Evening - Appsflyer

Iftar Evening - Appsflyer

12th April 2023 ( 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm ) The Ramadan Garden at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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About the Iftar Evening

Martechvibe is a global digital magazine focused on marketing technology and customer experience.

It is the foremost voice on how enterprises, marketers, CX professionals and brands are adopting Martech. It is a vital bridge between leading martech & CX solutions and marketing & CX professionals.

During the spiritual journey of Ramadan, Iftaar holds a surreal place in our lives, bringing people together and creating delightful memories.

Martechvibe has the honour of organising a grand Iftaar evening for a select group of leaders. We promise an unforgettable evening of experiences and a bellyful of the finest food while you socialise and strengthen your network. So as the sun sets in the sky and a warm tinge fills the air, let’s come together to be part of an epic night of food, fun and festivities.


The Ramadan Garden at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Located right in front of the stunning Burj Al Arab, this Ramadan Garden at Jumeirah Beach Hotel is truly one of a kind. The bohemian garden offers pristine views of Dubai’s most iconic hotel and enjoy the cool sea breeze and the sunset over the Arabian Sea. It’s a refreshing break from the traditional-looking Ramadan venues, which makes it one to try. What’s most important is that the Ramadan Garden exudes sustainability, in keeping with the Year of Sustainability as announced by UAE President H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nayhan. All food is locally-sourced and served in a plastic-free venue lit by sustainable lighting

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