SurveySparrow Integrates Generative AI Features

SurveySparrow’s GenAI-powered Wings and CogniVue capabilities are designed to optimise and elevate every aspect of experience management.

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  • SurveySparrow, an experience management platform, has incorporated generative AI features, “Wings” and “CogniVue,” to redefine customer experience management. These innovations are designed to optimise and elevate every aspect of experience management.

    Shihab Muhammed, Founder and CEO, SurveySparrow said, “Embracing generative AI allows us to turn data into dialogues and insights into actions. It’s about elevating the customer experience to be more human-centric, even in a digital domain. Our platform is now more intuitive, responsive, and, importantly, more personal.”

    Rishul Raj Aggarwal, Business Unit Head, SurveySparrow said, “Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of customer experience, making it more intuitive, personalised, and efficient. With Wings and CogniVue, we’re not just automating processes; we’re elevating them to meet the needs of today’s dynamic customer interactions.”

    AI Wings, aka your own Jarvis, become the autopilot for making feedback collection faster and more efficient. Wings goes above and beyond by curating questions for surveys, creating custom workflows, drilling down data and visualising with widgets, and even managing customer tickets and your online reviews. Businesses can effortlessly ‘Wing it’ across approximately 20+ features within the product, using this comprehensive toolset for crafting exceptional customer experience.

    To further address the challenge of extracting actionable insights from vast data volumes, SurveySparrow launched CogniVue, its intelligent data analyst. With the ability to drill down into survey responses, it identifies customer sentiments and uncovers key drivers behind important business metrics. CogniVue simplifies the daunting task of data analysis by offering smart, industry-specific insights. This advanced analytics tool is a game-changer for Voice of the Customer (VOC) analysts.


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