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Future MarTech Leader throws the spotlight on Deepak Kumar from Jazeera Airways

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  • Since the onset of COVID-19, the aviation industry has faced a pressing need to undergo a comprehensive transformation in its operational approach. Simultaneously, the industry saw a heightened emphasis on sustainability driven by increased investor and regulatory pressures. What would a marketing leader do? Meet Deepak Kumar, Digital Marketing, CRM, and Analytics Manager at Jazeera Airways, who tackled this issue head-on by leveraging his prior experience with the WhatsApp Business API.

    Innovation and adaptability are paramount in the martech industry, and a new wave of visionary leaders is emerging. They are poised to shape the future landscape of the industry, and Martechvibe is determined to bring the spotlight on them. As the nominations pour in for the “Do You Know A Future Martech Leader?” initiative, here is a preview of our next shortlisted candidate: Deepak Kumar from Jazeera Airways.

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    In this exclusive snapshot, we delve into Kumar’s achievements, use of technology, and his insights that set him apart in an industry where differentiation is key. 

    About Jazeera Airways

    Established in April 2004, Jazeera Airways is the first non-government owned airline in the Middle East, continuing to be one of the few Middle East-based private airlines to this day. It serves more than 50 destinations across the Middle East, Central & South Asia and Europe, operating a reliable fleet of Airbus A320 and A320neo aircraft. In June 2018, Jazeera was the first airline in the Middle East to introduce the A320neo – it provides an 18% reduction in fuel burn and CO2 emissions. 

    Kumar’s contribution

    Kumar is responsible for formulating and executing end-to-end digital marketing activities, managing marketing automation and CRM marketing efforts, overseeing digital transformation projects in the martech domain, and leading the Marketing Intelligence Unit. This unit is tasked with conducting business and marketing data analytics to facilitate informed decision-making by the management team.

    In the aftermath of COVID-19, the airline industry faced a dual challenge: Transforming its operations and enhancing sustainability while also dealing with a surge in customer inquiries. Jazeera Airlines initially relied on traditional call and email channels for customer service, which proved inadequate for the increased volume.

    Upon joining the company, Kumar tackled this issue head-on by leveraging his prior experience with the WhatsApp Business API. Within two months, he successfully integrated the platform, enabling the deployment of automated solutions for tasks like flight changes, baggage tracking, and FAQ responses. This relieved customer service agents, allowing them to focus on more complex cases, and led to a 150% improvement in turnaround time. Additionally, the airline’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased by approximately 35%.

    Additionally, Kumar took the initiative to construct the entire martech stack from the ground up and seamlessly integrated it with Sitecore CDP, MoEngage Marketing Automation Tool, Adjust MMP, and Firebase Console. This strategic effort resulted in a remarkable enhancement of online transactions, with an increase of over 50% (surpassing 150% for mobile applications alone) over the span of two years.

    The chosen tech support

    Kumar utilises data analytics and marketing automation tools to track the performance of the marketing campaigns. Data-driven insights help him identify trends and areas for improvement.

    These are the main tools he uses;

    • Sitecore CDP for unifying customer data from all siloed data sources within the company and running segmentation, and building web and app experiences.

    • MoEngage Marketing Automation Tool, where he imports segments from CDP, as well as does separate segmentation. He uses MoEngage for automated and regular marketing emails and push notifications, WhatsApp marketing, SMS, geo-triggered campaigns, web personalisation, and to enable re-targeting campaigns on programmatic, GDN, and social media. In addition, MoEngage analytics gives him useful customer behaviour patterns, which he uses for making informed decisions on campaigns.

    • Adjust MMP for deep-linking, multi-touch attribution, and fraud management.

    • Firebase Console for regularly tracking the web and app performance.

    • GA4 for detailed analysis of customer behaviour on website and apps and organisational reporting.

    • Umbraco CMS for website and apps content management and UI/UX changes.

    • Power BI, Looker Studio, and Data Studio for creating and analysing reports from marketing campaigns and business performance data.

    Kumar recommends setting a culture of continuous learning and innovation within your marketing team to stay ahead of changing customer expectations. “Staying ahead in marketing technology, like any rapidly evolving field, requires a proactive and continuous effort. To help me stay up to date with the latest advancements, I follow industry news and trends through online communities, industry events, webinars and podcasts.”

    To thrive in this environment, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve with new technology solutions and comply with the latest enterprise regulations. Deepak Kumar’s story is just the beginning. Martechvibe is committed to unveil narratives of brilliance and bring future martech leaders to the spotlight.

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