Snap’s AR Ramadan Mall Officially Opens

By embracing the spirit of Ramadan, AR Mall will showcase a second design for Eid Al Fitr celebrations, further merging digital and physical worlds.

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  • With the region entering the Holy Month of Ramadan, Snap Inc. has officially opened the virtual doors for its AR Ramadan Mall. 

    Mohammed Bouarib, Senior Creative Strategist for Snap Inc. MENA, said, “The third edition of the Snap AR Ramadan Mall promises to be our most ambitious yet. It is believed that E-commerce will grow by 8% in the next five years with the MENA region leading this growth, and the updated 2024 Mall showcases how brands can creatively connect with shoppers online. With over 85% of MENA Snapchat users interacting with Lenses each day, our commitment remains to create experiences that defy expectations using our pioneering technology.”

    “From just four brands participating in our first edition, we are thrilled to now be partnering with 11 leading brands across the region, all bringing unique shopping adventures directly to the highly engaged audience on Snapchat. With the introduction of new technologies, enhanced experiences, and even greater opportunities for engagement such as the newly introduced Eid design and our Apple store takeover is paving the way for transformed online shopping. The increase in users last year demonstrated an appetite for immersive retail experiences, and we look forward to inviting new Snapchatters to the Mall this year,” Mohammed added. 

    Further embracing the spirit of Ramadan, the 2024 AR Mall will showcase a second design for Eid Al Fitr celebrations, illuminated with crescents and stars. Merging digital and physical worlds, Snap’s AR Mall provides an experience like no other. 


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