CX Huddle, Intelligent Retail: Transforming Today's Shopping Experiences

Exclusive C-suite CX Huddle

Martechvibe & CEQUENS | Intelligent Retail: Transforming Today's Shopping Experiences | 19th September 2023 | Caesars Palace, Dubai


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Intelligent Retail: Transforming Today’s Shopping Experiences


What Is A CX Huddle?

It is an initiative by Martechvibe in association with CEQUENS.

CX Huddle is specially designed to engage marketing, technology, and CX leaders who have revolutionised brands by using technology as a catalyst. It focuses on a group of carefully selected industry stalwarts, bringing them together to participate in an exclusive closed-door session. The selected professionals bring a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and domain expertise, but they all share the vision of transforming businesses by enhancing the customer experience while utilising technology and new digital methods. The huddle encourages open discussions among peers resulting in a better strategy roadmap for organisations. In the age of building peer-exchange resources, these gatherings form a community of like-minded business leaders working to explore insights, ideas and best practices.

About this Edition

In the realm of retail and ecommerce, the bar for customer expectations has been raised significantly. These customers anticipate brands to maintain an “always-on” presence across all communication channels, while also favouring self-service tools. The trend is leaning towards customers becoming more comfortable with sharing personal data, especially when it contributes to tailoring personalised experiences.

For businesses operating in the retail and ecommerce sector, this presents an advantageous scenario – the ability to provide enhanced convenience without inflating operational expenses. However, this hinges on the adoption of technology solutions that are finely tuned, seamlessly integrated with other facets of the business, and capable of automation without sacrificing empathy. Yet, if these automated interactions lack intelligence, they could actually undermine the customer experience and tarnish the brand’s reputation.

AI-powered personalisation stands as the next evolutionary step in customer engagement within the retail and ecommerce sphere. Armed with the capacity to forecast customer behaviours, these tools facilitate proactive interaction strategies aligned with anticipated customer actions. This, in turn, leads to heightened sales, elevated customer contentment, and improved overall business profitability.

Intelligent technology, with its capacity to amplify efficiency, optimise personalisation, and reshape customer engagement, stands as a cornerstone of innovation within the retail and ecommerce sectors. This boardroom encapsulates the pivotal role of AI-driven solutions, exploring their integration, challenges, and the strategic foresight required to craft exceptional experiences in the age of AI-powered business ecosystem.

Past speakers

Hasan Karisik Business Development Manager
Hussein Malhas VP Growth & Revenue Operations
Tamer Nassrawin Director of Presales
Yolande D'Mello Editor


05:30 PM
Welcome & Networking

06:20 PM
Welcome Address by Martechvibe
06:25 PM
Opening Remarks by CEQUENS
06:30 PM
Discussion Starts
07:20 PM
Outlook of the Leaders and Session Highlights
07:30 PM
End of discussion followed by Dinner & Networking


Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace - Bluewaters Island - Dubai
Caesars Palace Dubai is a modern and stylish luxury resort on Bluewaters Island overlooking the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf.

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