5 Email Marketing Examples to Learn From

Email marketing can be tricky. Should you give your customers what they are looking for in the email, or should you make them follow breadcrumbs to make them come to your website?

Have you heard of Gary Theurk? Back in the year 1978, Theurk sent out, what is dubbed as the world’s first mass email. Theurk was the marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), and he sent out an email promoting DEC machines to 400 users via Arpanet. The mass email resulted in a $13 million worth of sales for DEC machines!

We’ve come a long way in the last fifty years since Theurk’s little stunt. According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 study, 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content.

Yet, the approach to email marketing hasn’t changed much. Sure, our email is now automated, thanks to a marketing automation software, and we are talking millions in numbers, as opposed to Theurk’s 400.

There are two approaches marketers take when it comes to email marketing, an email featuring all the information about a product or service and the ones that give a little teaser. Both the approaches come with their set of pros and cons and are used under separate circumstances.

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Top Five Examples of Good Email Marketing

1. Announce New Features or Products:

For a B2B brand-customer relationship building, marketers can send emails that highlight the new features or products launched by the company.

This example from Australian enterprise software company Atlassian announces service updates. Moreover, it starts with an offer for the receiver to leverage free testing, with a prominent call-to-action button.

5 Email Marketing Examples to Learn From

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2. Incite Curiosity and a Sense of Missing Out

Twitter reaches out to its users with attention-grabbing ‘People are talking about you on Twitter’ subject line. It is exciting; it makes the receiver curious in a light, non-intrusive way. This way Twitter gets the receiver to not only open the email but also offers information about how easily they can manage their accounts from their desktop and mobile application Dashboard.

5 Email Marketing Examples to Learn From

3. Rent Out an Email List

B2B marketer knows how difficult it is to increase their email list through paid advertising when you are running on a tight budget. Emarsys decided to rent out an email list and use it to build their own list. They created a high-value study, rented a highly-targeted email list of prospects that would appreciate the study, and then shared the study for free in exchange for the email address of the reader.  

5 Email Marketing Examples to Learn From


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4. Share Content from the Company Blog

Marketers can share content, especially blog posts, with customers through email. As soon as a new blog post is published, marketers can reach out to a customer through email with a quick preview of the content. Alternatively, like Salesforce, marketers can send a short, on-point message along with an eye-catching illustration as an update about the blog post to the readers.

5 Email Marketing Examples to Learn From

5. Announce a new product, service, or an upgrade

Popular marketing automation platform and an email marketing service MailChimp announces product upgrades through a fun, appealing manner. For example, in this email, MailChimp tells the receiver how they can manage their email campaigns on the go, with their mobile application. It also informs that the user gets access to all Pro features. It’s a non-intrusive way to reach out to a customer, offer a new product, or service, while also getting them to click on the CTA button.

5 Email Marketing Examples to Learn From