Digital 2021: Saudi Arabia’s Digital Landscape, The Most Comprehensive Report

digital landscape

Understanding the digital behaviour of any demography is by far the most challenging aspect for digital marketers. Hootsuite has released comprehensive reports that track digital consumer behaviour with a country-wise focus.

These reports with an exclusive focus on Saudi Arabia are a rich source of insight with detailed figures and analysis of various sectors vis-à-vis digital ad spending, media consumption, search behaviour etc.

The Coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a ‘new normal’ where remote working, increased internet usage, and more time spent online is unavoidable.

The Digital 2021 report makes it clear that connected technology has become an inseparable part of people’s lives.

Forced to remain indoors, people have adapted to technology with social media, online video games, video streaming platforms reporting a massive growth last year.

The Saudi Arabia report begins with the demography and a comparable insight of the overall urbanisation of the total population. The number of mobile phone users, Internet users and social media users vis-à-vis the complete population.

Saudi ArabiaDigital 2021 throws light on the annual digital growth of Saudi Arabia and proceeds to give insight in to the daily time spent by Saudis online, either on mobile, or on the internet, or consuming media.

The report underlines the following aspects of KSA’s digital journey and growth in detail.

Share of web traffic through device, browser. Top websites accessed. The most searched queries from last year on Google and online content activities.