LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Insights and Research Page for Marketers

LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Insights and Research Page for Marketers

LinkedIn announced the launch of LinkedIn Insights and Research page, a resource that will serve as a guide for marketers.

It will also substantiate the social media marketing strategy based on comprehensive insights for the user.

LinkedIn hosts a community of more than 645 million members and 30 million businesses from across the globe. This makes it a central destination for professional networking, and — as data-driven marketers know — a robust source of insights around people, industries, and advertising.

With so much data, it can be difficult to pinpoint the most valuable information for their audience’s needs. Keeping this in mind, LinkedIn is introducing the LinkedIn Insights and Research page, a new feature within the Success Hub for Marketers.

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Using this resource, marketers will be able to guide and substantiate their social media marketing strategy based on comprehensive insights concerning audiences, industry verticals, and the LinkedIn ad landscape. The following are some highlights of this resource:

1. Powering Business Growth: Great marketing is both an art and a science. The former is fueled by the creativity and unique skills of your team. The latter is driven by high-quality data that are both accurate and actionable. This is where the new LinkedIn feature is helpful. In the Insights and Research hub, marketers can find a wealth of useful information divided across three categories.

2. People Insights: This is where marketers can learn all about their audiences on LinkedIn at an aggregate level—who they are, where they’re from, what they engage with, etc. Leveraging these Insights to inform targeting and campaign strategies and driving more effective reach and engagement are the benefits.

Specifically, in this section, marketers can access:

  • Insights into top audiences on LinkedIn, including their location, skills, and the influencers they follow, which can be filtered by various professional cohorts (C-suite, small business owners, IT decision-makers, etc.)
  • Topics resonating most with specific audiences, such as venture capital, cloud computing and many more
  • Content that members are engaging most with on the platform

3. Industry Insights: Marketers can also find key insights, trends and research on the marketing landscape today, including vertical-specific insights. These LinkedIn insights can inform the development of a marketing strategy, which includes the following:

  • Ample data about an assortment of verticals, such as financial services, tech and healthcare
  • High-level B2B marketing trends, including contrarian ideas to set a business apart from competitors
  • Studies on thought leadership and its evident impact on various audiences and buyer stages

4. Advertising Insights: This section is designed to help marketers fully understand the LinkedIn advertising landscape from every angle so that they can measure and maximise their marketing impact. It specifically digs into:

  • Guidance on sophisticated performance measurement so that marketers can better match their ad strategy with core business objectives
  • Exploration of branding techniques, tactics and measurement on the platform
  • Research and advice on aligning sales and marketing departments to develop a cohesive approach on LinkedIn