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Growth Marketing

What does it mean to be a growth marketer? While traditional marketing relies on tried-and-true techniques, growth marketing techniques tend to experiment with different channels and strategies frequently to achieve extraordinary growth.

Even in modern marketing, growth marketing is an often misused and misunderstood term. Its origins can be traced back to the term growth hacking, a term coined by the renowned growth hacker Sean Ellis. Although there are subtle differences between growth marketing and growth hacking, the major difference is the approach.

Growth marketing pertains to building sustainable strategies, frameworks, and teams to grow the business, whereas growth hacking limits itself to narrowly defined and highly data-driven tactics to drive growth in the short-run. Consider growth hacking as a subset of growth marketing.

Martechvibe Insights presents Growth Marketing Playbook for marketers to explore the fundamentals of creating a growth marketing framework, starting at the concept of growth marketing, followed by the non-negotiable factors for the success of a growth marketing strategy, and then building a scalable and sustainable growth marketing framework. The guide also looks at three growth marketing success strategies; includes interviews with notable growth marketers from the Middle East and a case study to help  chart a growth marketing strategy for your organisation.

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