Zeta Partners With Snowflake To Launch Data-Driven Marketing Products 

Zeta Partners With Snowflake To Launch Data-Driven Marketing Products

Zeta, a data-driven marketing technology company announced a partnership with Snowflake, the data cloud company, and the launch of two cutting-edge products.

With Zeta Connect, powered by Snowflake, enterprises can integrate their Snowflake instance with the Zeta CDP+ in a matter of hours. This integration eliminates layers of complexity and accelerates the launch of a data-driven marketing ecosystem.

The joint offerings enhance and extend the deep integration between the two companies that share a vision to reinvent how enterprises ingest, store, synthesise, prepare, and activate consumer data for more precise marketing.

Zeta Enrich, powered by Snowflake, can provide Snowflake customers with a single solution to store, increase hygiene and enrich customer records with Zeta’s proprietary identity graph and signals. With Zeta Enrich, enterprises can now post unstructured data in and get highly targeted audiences out to activate across multiple addressable channels. Several of Zeta’s largest customers in insurance, telecom, and retail have this solution in place.

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“The Snowflake partnership combined with a new multi-year commitment, cements a next generation solution for Enterprises seeking to capitalise on digital transformation and accelerate their adoption of data-driven marketing at every touchpoint – including emerging channels that are moving quickly from analog to digital,” said David A. Steinberg, Zeta’s Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO.

“We are delighted to be a key Snowflake partner joining the Powered by Snowflake ecosystem and are putting the full force of our growing sales team behind this effort. Together, we span Customer Data Infrastructure to Customer Data Platform to Customer Data Activation giving enterprises a one-stop solution to compete and win in 2022 and beyond,” he added.

“Snowflake secure data sharing and the Zeta Marketing Platform enable our joint customers to have access to high-quality business intelligence and analytics to deliver better marketing experiences,” said Colleen Kapase, Snowflake SVP of Worldwide Partner and Alliances. “Together, we’re creating quicker, more robust near real-time data sharing. Together, we are eliminating the historically cumbersome implementation process, and empowering our customers to harness powerful marketing opportunities through data.”