Zain Bahrain deploys NB-IoT Technology


Zain Bahrain, a telecommunications operator in the kingdom, deployed the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in collaboration with Ericsson after its announcement last year.

Zain Bahrain deployed the new technology commercially in the kingdom, based on narrowband radio standard that aims to support Bahrain in achieving its National Telecommunication Plan (NTP)- 5 machine-to-machine (M2M) aspiration, the company said.

It said that by implementing this technology, enterprises and consumers could gain broader wireless coverage, multiple connections, longer battery life, and cost-effective solutions for IoT adoption.

Ali Isa Al Yaham, Technology Director at Zain Bahrain, said, “Internet of things will play a key role in realising Bahrain’s smart vision 2030, and Zain Bahrain is committed to addressing the growing demand for cutting-edge technologies to service both the enterprise and consumers. Zain Bahrain’s newly deployed NB-IoT Technology will open connectivity platforms enabling devices or services to interact with broader coverage and using little power for longer battery life.”

Zain Bahrain decided to deploy narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology a year after the company announced its intent in collaboration with Ericsson last year. Its commercial test took place successfully in January.

The rollout of Zain’s Bahrain nationwide NB-IoT technology network will accelerate businesses’ adoption of such innovative technologies and help to create an IoT ecosystem to develop end-to-end solutions to meet the customers’ needs, it said.