TikTok Launches New Promotion And Ad Tools to Help SMBs Maximise On-Platform Efforts


TikTok has announced a range of new promotions, ad tools and education sessions to mark National Small Business Week – or National Small Business Month, as TikTok is calling it – which will help SMBs make better use of the platform, and provide more opportunities for promotion via short video clips.

The main, over-arching element of TikTok’s new push is a new push to help amplify SMBs via the #SupportSmallBusiness hashtag.

“Throughout the month of May, the TikTok community can discover and show some love for their favourite small business using #SupportSmallBusiness. Business owners can also share their experience and give us a peek into their world. From packing orders and behind-the-scenes tutorials to business advice and motivation for the tough times, we are excited to see more business owners and their supporters interact with each other on TikTok.”

In terms of ad tools, TikTok has also announced a new partnership with Nielsen which will enable businesses to utilise Nielsen’s Designated Market Area (DMA) geo-targeting for their campaigns, which facilitates more direct focus based on advanced segmentation.

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“DMA geo-targeting provides businesses who want to reach customers and users in the United States with more granular location targeting options, tapping into more opportunities across enterprise, mid-market, and SMB businesses. DMA geo-targeting uses standardised geographic areas so businesses can share more relevant, interesting and impactful content with their customers in geo-targeted areas, saving them time and resources.”

So it’s essentially location targeting, but with the added insight from Nielsen, which enhances the geographic data, and will help improve the accuracy of TikTok’s listings.

That could help improve the focus of TikTok campaigns and zero in on more specific markets and audience subsets, which could have specific benefits for SMBs within their local regions.

And finally, TikTok is also launching a new TikTok for Business Club on Clubhouse, which will see the platform host a series of interviews with SMBs that have seen success on the platform. 

(With inputs from agencies)